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Thread: Replace Game Changer Pickups

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    Replace Game Changer Pickups

    Just out of curiosity . . . Could you substitute other pickups for the ones that come in the Game Changer and still be able use all the coil configurations?


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    ive replaced the bridge with a tone zone, works exactly the same, sounds killer
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    I've been wondering this also, just to make it a tad more suitable for heavier modern stuff. Good to hear it's doable!
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    You can replace TGC pickups with (almost) any passive guitar pickup.

    I say, "almost" because it is hard to know the specifications for every single pickup in the world made by other manufacturers, and "passive," because active pickups tend to have preamps built in that could potential overload the input of The Game Changer.
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    So can you take out all of the Game Changer items and pickups and put them in another guitar if you built it?

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    They are passive DiMarzio pickups.

    It's not the pickups that perform TGC functionality....it's the circuit design.
    "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" Albert Einstein

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