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Thread: Gamechanger Low Volume Issue

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    Question Gamechanger Low Volume Issue

    Hello, I have had a MM Silhouette for a while, and I love it. Best playing guitar I have ever owned.

    And yesterday I received a new Game Changer.

    The problem with the Game Changer is low volume through my Amp (Mesa Boogie Excpress). The volume difference between the GC and the Silhouette is significant.

    I am a pretty decent guitar tech. And have been playing for 35 years. But these are my first MM guitars.

    So I started measuring both guitars and comparing. Action is fine on both, with a small truss rod adjustment.

    But I am a little stumped on the Pickup Height and Bridge Height. Here are my measurements...

    On the Silhouette, all 3 pickups are about 3/32 from the strings (fretting the 22nd or 24th fret). The string height at the bridge is 12/32nds (unfretted).

    On the Game Changer, the pickups are 5/32 to 6/32 from the strings (again fretting 22/24). (about double the distance of my Silhouette) . The string height at the bridge is 15/32nds (unfretted).

    So my initial instinct was to raise the pickups on the Game Changer. But as you know, they are screwed directly to the body, with no springs underneath.

    Also, the string distance from the body at the bridge seems a little high on the game changer at 15/32nds.

    So I guess I could put some springs or shims on the pickups to raise a bit. But I cannot find the specs for how close the pickups should be to the strings. Vintage fenders are about 3/32.

    I could also lower the bridge saddles, and then probably have to raise the action a bit.

    Can any of you all give me some guidance and/or point me to some more specs? I have read the faqs on the MM website, but maybe I am still missing something.

    Love the guitars and the flexibility. MM is years ahead of Gibson/Fender, and even my PRS.


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    Does it have a Piezo? If it does how is the default setup for the jack? Are you using a TRS jack?

    I have HSH/P and it can be kind of particular about how the jack is seated sometimes, especially if the nut around the jack is a little loose.
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