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Thread: Web application update for Win8?

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    Web application update for Win8?

    I've noticed the Web app doesn't work so great on my Windows 8 laptops. Keeps asking to install the plugin, but even after I do, still won't launch. Same effect for Explorer or Chrome. Didn't have the issue before on older PCs. How am I supposed to play around with my 10 trillion combinations!?

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    Thanks to A.J. for the very friendly support. IT found the need to manually enable NPAPI for the current Chrome release. Still no word on how to get it going in IE, but the following from A.J. did work:

    (1) in URL type “chrome://flags/#enable-npapi” without quotation marks.
    (2) Click enable.
    (3) restart Chrome.
    (4) When openning The Gamechanger for first time Chrome will ask permission to run the plugin. Click Always allow plugins on The Gamechanger then Done.

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    TGC App doesn't support IE
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