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Thread: Chrome warning that web app will soon become unsupported

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    Chrome warning that web app will soon become unsupported

    Hoping that the web app doesn't get orphaned. Any update to this issue?
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    We are aware of this situation. It is actually an issue with Chrome as a browser. For the time being if Chrome isn't working then we encourage you to use Firefox or Safari as they both function completely normally. We will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available.
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    I just bought a Game Changer. I don't have chrome yet, I went to gamechanger.music-man.com/app.eb using firefox, and tried to click the "Install Google Chrome" button, but nothing happens. When I mouse-over the button, I get a popup message box that says "Click here to install Google Chrome" and when I click the button, nothing happens.

    Also, after registering for an account, I try to log in but I get an error message that says my password is incorrect. My password is correct. Anyway, I asked the robot to send me an email so that I can reset my password, and the email never arrives but I don't get any error message back from the robot.

    Can anyone help?

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    Figured it out. Turns out that Chrome won't install on top of Vista. Too bad there's not a stand-alone app, but running on top of chrome is probably good enough for most people.

    Still haven't figured out the wrong password thing, but I will get another email address and try again.

    Did that, and the new email address seems working.

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