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Thread: Changing Pickup Height

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    Changing Pickup Height

    In trying to lower the pickups on my Game Changer, I loosen the screws and the pickups get looser in the housing and I can physically push the pickups down, but as soon as I stop pushing, they pop up back to the same height. If I tighten the screws the pickups get tighter/stiffer, but the height still doesn't change. Is there a way that I can have the pickups stay lower?


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    hey Norbitt,

    Sorry for the delay, if you have the HH version the pickups are adjustable, the HSH are hard mounted.
    You might have a problem with the mounts coming out of the body for the HH, try taking the screws out they could be stripped or the insert they thread into could be stripped. Replacements are available, shoot me an email if you require further assistance [email protected]
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    And how did you unscrew these screws?

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