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Thread: sounds like an es-335

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    sounds like an es-335

    what config would be used to get the jazz hollowbody sound of an es-335 neck pick-up?

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    Might be impossible to get a hollowbody Sound on a solidbody guitar (even if it was chambered). The wood of an hollowbody guitar has even more influence on the sound as it has on a solidbody guitar!
    If you have a HSH Version, I would try 5p4, 5s4, 4p3 or 4s3, if you have a HH Version try 4p3, 4s3, 3p2 or 3s2, to come near to the sound of the pickup-sound (and gues, in Serial order try also the viceversa options, example 3s4 instead of 4s3, because it doesn't sound the same.
    If you have the Piezo, try to mix it a bit with the humbucker, may bring you a bit accoustical Sound to come nearer to a hollowbody Sound.
    But if you want exact an hollowbody-sound, I would recommend buying an hollowbody guitar.

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    Valentine with the neck pickup in humbucker mode, with tone control on around half, does a passable impersonation.

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