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Thread: Chrome app does not work

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    Chrome app does not work

    Hi there,

    I worked with my gamechanger setting for months, but now I went back to the game changer web app for changes, but it does not connect to my instrument any more. Last year, it works fine with firefox. Now, it´s dead. I installed chrome browser and the app, but if I connect to usb, "reading instrument" appears - but that is it. No access to the web surface. What is wrong?

    Finally, if there would be not only an app for IPad, but for android devices also, it would be a lot easier for a lot of people. It is a wonderful instrument and idea, but there are still so much technical issues....wonder if musicman is not interested in good support for the guitar and ALL people who use it.

    Kind regards


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    I have a similar problem. When I connect my Gamechanger, the computer recognizes the connection but the web app does not show any guitar settings, it's just blank. The emulated guitar works fine. I don't have IOS so I can't use the downloadable app. I am beginning to get the feeling that to configure a Gamechanger, you need specific computer hardware and software which the guitar stores aren't telling us buyers. And I don't see it on the MM web information.

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    I figured out my problem. The app doesn't work with Firefox, and I had to install Chrome with the app. During the debug of my problem, I got an email from MM customer support that said the Game Changer doesn't work with all USB cables. Mine works fine with the USB device cable that came with the guitar.

    Maybe you should try one of those super-shielded USB cables like I got when I bought a laser printer. I'm guessing the quality of the cable may have something to do with the problem.

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