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Thread: No more Chrome Extension for the Web App

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    Question No more Chrome Extension for the Web App

    Hi there,

    Decided to change my pickup configuration on my GC after a couple of years or so and a new PC later. For my surprise the link for the Chrome extension in the Game Changer Web App page is broken, it leads to a 404 error page.

    Apparently there is no Game Changer extension available for Chrome anymore, I've tried a search at Chrome's official extension page for the web app extension with no luck.

    My question is:
    Am I stuck with those configuration forever or there is another way to get the extension installed into Chrome? I don't seem to find it anywhere...
    My guess I'm not the first person facing this problem and that there'll be more.

    I honestly wish EBMM could end this ordeal by simply putting out a desktop app available, so we don't need to go through this problem ever again. The Game Changer may have not been a success in the competitive market of electric guitars, but was an innovation and there are a group of customers who committed to the product. Now they finally have been forgotten.

    Once again, just make an offline, desktop app for all the owners and let it go. It will show respect for the customers who believed in the capabilities of the Game Changer.

    I love my GC, it is a extremely comfortable guitar for my home studio stuff and the very innovation that made me buy it in the first place is now completely locked away from me. It's sad.

    I apologise for the rant, but it's frustrating to know you have so much tonal possibilities taken away from you just because the company can't commit to a simple decision to provide (once again) a desktop app for their customers.

    I hope everyone is safe and well,

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    Desktop app will not solve the issue. OS upgrades could break the app. Best thing would be if they are not supporting this going forward is to make the details open source and hopefully get it supported that way

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    Well this is good, but disappointing, information. I'm just logging into my guitar to make sure things are right for some new music making. The connection still works on this Win 10 PC since but I installed the extension ~ 2 years back. Now I'm concerned that I may have problems moving to a new PC.

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    Ya, this is damned disappointing... The GC is my only Music Man guitar right now, but I used to have a closet full of 'em... anyway, I haven't been 'round the forum in a while and just came to see what was up with the web app... I had my settings selected for years, but with the pandemic an' all I've decided to heave ho the ol' band I was using my GC for and then I thought I'd load up some new tones for fun so I reset the guitar to factory defaults... but I've got a new(-ish - like 3 years old) PC and crap, I'm SOL cuz I don't have the Chrome extension on this new one... so now instead of having the old tones I've been using for years, or being able to configure some cool new ones from the quarter million or so available options with the app, I'm rebuilding my two 5-way option sets from the 15 choices available on the guitar... which is okay, but it's a far cry from what I had to choose from three or four years ago... bloody drag...

    I hope they let the code out open source; I'm sure a few people will pick it up and run with it if they do...

    edit: I got a response from Support - they sent me a link to an "instable" version of the app which you can run on Chrome in Developer mode... Seems to work fine and let me get my beloved 1p3 and 2p4 positions back on the guitar... There were some way more complicated ones I used to have but I'll have to explore again for a while to re-work them. Anyway, the app works still and all is good for now... thx EBMM
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