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Thread: HSHP pickups "specs" and troubleshooting

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    HSHP pickups "specs" and troubleshooting

    Dimarzio doesn't provide full specs for OEM pickups:
    This is the best description thus far:
    Their output levels are medium, and the models they bear the closest resemblance to are the
    Gravity Storm neck model and
    Dominion bridge model.
    The single-coil is not very similar to any of our standard single-coils.

    If you're having trouble with the output of the pickups (either too loud or not loud enough)
    Open up the back enclosure behind the volume knobs
    You'll fine 2 blue trim pots (only 1 if you don't have a piezo) you can adjust.
    They turn about 3/4 of the way of a full turn from 0 to 100% output.
    These are useful to balance the piezo vs magnetic output.
    HSHP pickups "specs" and troubleshooting-img_1066-jpg
    HSHP pickups "specs" and troubleshooting-img_1065-jpg

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    Thanks for posting. Both, but particularly the bridge, seem specially designed to get stratty sounds when split and do a great job. The single sounds fatter to me than a traditional single coil--more bottom and less shrill highs, but crystal clear.

    I know of at least one person who has swapped out the neck, but to me it's like the exhaust on my Ducati: I'm not going to pay hundreds of dollars to swap in something that isn't going to sound better. All subjective of course.
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