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Thread: Web App Connection Problem

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    Web App Connection Problem

    Sorry if this has been covered on another thread, but I didn't see anything. I'm having trouble getting the web app to recognize my bass. Have it in Chrome (version 64.0.3282.199), have the Gamechanger extension installed and enabled. The web app just always gives me the welcome page with the option to use the device emulator. I'm on Windows 10, Windows does give me an error message that my USB device malfunctioned and is not recognize when I plug it in. I've also tried multiple USB cables. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    I couldn't get my GameChanger to work with Chrome. However, it works fine with Firefox. Download that browser. it's the only thing I use Firefox for.
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    I have had this happen from time to time. Try

    1. Unplug usb from guitar
    2. Remove batteries
    3. Plug USB in

    Refresh chrome page.

    I have also initially been shown the simulation page, but after unplugging and plugging the usb again it worked fine. Not sure why. I use a Mac, so can’t say anything about pc operation. Hope this helps.

    Have not tried Firefox.
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    Got it to work. Restarted computer, seems to have been a Windows issue as after the restart it recognized The Game Changer by name.
    Formerly MSilvers but forgot all my log-in info...

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