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Thread: Game Changer- Reset to Factory Defaults?

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    Game Changer- Reset to Factory Defaults?

    Hi All

    Longtime lurker and MM Fan here. I just picked up a Game Changer Reflex yesterday and am wondering how to restore the guitar to factory defaults. I want a base from which to tweak. Also, is there a list of said defaults available?


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    If you go on the web application, go to the library (book icon), and go to Music Man and Schemes and select the instrument you have, I believe those are the default settings which you can load onto your instrument.
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    Going off memory, there is a button on the Game Changer. I’m thinking it’s the master volume but may be wrong? In any event, you hold it down for 30 seconds I think and the instrument will reset back to factory settings. Contact EBMM Customer Service and they can tell you how to do it.

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    Thanks for the help. The front volume button is held down for a bit and it resets!!

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