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Thread: Game Changer Stock Pups-Underwhelming??

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    Game Changer Stock Pups-Underwhelming??

    Hi All

    I just grabbed a GC Reflex and while putting it through it's paces, I noticed the pickups sounded a bit....anemic??

    Anyone else feel this way and if so, what pups seem to work better??


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    Is it new or used? I bought my second Game Changer last year from Guitar Center. The store didn’t have one in stock so they shipped one to me from their warehouse. When I received it, I found out the Guitar was new old stock from the initial year that the Game Changer was released. I’m wondering if the one you bought, if new, was also new old stock and possibly the battery is starting to die? Also pull the back plate off and check all your wiring connections. Same with even your battery connections too.

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    It's used, but it looks brand new. I'll check the battery tomorrow.
    Thanks for the tip

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    They're good pickups, but everything is subjective. Could just be that the heights aren't optimal.

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    The settings you choose will have something to do with it too. Not sure if this is the problem, but the output can certainly vary depending. Neither of my GCs sounded anemic compared to other guitars. I did have to tweak a spring in the battery box on one to complete the circuit, but that never affected the sound.
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    I was underwhelmed with the neck hum, so I replaced the neck with a Seymour Duncan PRail, which really opens up the tonal possibilities. I have not changed out the bridge because I don’t think it will make such a big difference there, and because I’m not in love with the PRail humbucker mode, which you kind of need for hum canceling on driven settings. Also, you need to do a little routing inside the cavity and I’m lazy.
    AJ in tech support told me they have a couple GCs loaded with PRails around the shop.

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