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Thread: Game Changer Desktop App

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    Game Changer Desktop App

    Hello there,

    I've spent some time to port the Game Changer web app to desktop. Main goal was to make it stand alone. I've done limited testing on Windows and Linux and it is currently not working on Mac (USB handling is a bit more tricky there). The Sync function is also currently not working and I just need to spend some more time on this. Some experimental project open/close functionality is also there, as well as a place holder for undo/redo.

    The current state is very raw (a.k.a. beta =)), but it would be nice to have some feedback if you have the chance to try. Be aware that I am not responsible for any loss of data of your instrument, so if you don't want to take any risk, please refrain to use it. However, in the unlikely case of losing data due to a bug, not all is lost, as you can rewrite you instrument's configuration vie the web app. In this case your previously stored data would be lost.

    It requires (for now) some geek skills in order to install and run, but not much: terminal/cmd shell access and run some commands. The repository can be found here:

    GitHub - edwillys/gamechanger: Electron port to Ernie Ball's Game Changer web application

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    Very interesting! Have you by chance tried running it in a Linux VM hosted on Mac? Macs are all I have anymore, but I do lots of work on Linux VMs and servers.
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    I haven't but I don't think it would work, as the USB drivers would still be managed by macOS's kernel. I still need to dig deeper into that.

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