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  1. O

    Silhouette [and Special] owners: string action?

    I recently dove into Silhouette ownership, picking up a couple used Silhouette Special models. Try as I might, I can't get the action nearly as low as it is on my JPs without buzzing. I do my own setups, starting with fresh strings, adjust the truss rod so that there is just a hint or so of...
  2. S

    Majesty fret buzz

    I purchased the Majesty back in June and I've been tweaking the action via truss rod adjustment in bridge height for some time now. I can't seem to obtain the same action that I have on my Ibanez prestige without fret buzz. I do admit that I try to obtain a pretty low action at .040 but it is...
  3. D

    Musicman stingray 5 neck relief/higher action

    Hey folks. I'm lucky enough to own a fantastic 97 SR5 with a maple neck and ceramic pickup. It's a beast. Now, I've toyed around with multiple string heights and truss rod adjustments and bridge settings. I was always looking for that sweet spot for my kinda playing (pop/rock and I like to dig...
  4. gitapik

    Action on a Silhouette (and Silo Special)

    I’ve been playing the Silhouette line since the 90s. All those guitars that I’ve played have had a low action. Not super low but enough that it makes slide playing impossible without buzzing. I’m thinking of raising the action but am wondering if those particular models are best suited to...
  5. M

    EBMM In Action - everything goes METAL

    I love this guy’s stuff and he happens to use EBMM. Figured some of y’all would enjoy it too if you haven’t come across it yet! Judgement on COVID-19 goes HEAVY METAL [Kenneth Copeland Remix] [I Demand] - YouTube The Alex Jones one is pretty good also! As are the Karens. His video list is...
  6. GWDavis28

    Anyone ever use the FretGuru 2?

    Hi all, I've been thinking about getting something to aid in setups and string action. Has anyone ever used this before? Thanx, Glenn |B)
  7. P

    Help: Low action and fret buzz on sr4

    Hi all!! I want to set my new sr4 (2013) with low action. Is it possible to set the low action without having any fret buzz o should I have to find that sweet spot in between ? I have a sbmm ray34ca with a nice low action set but have many fret buzz along the neck which most of them only...
  8. S

    25th anniversary/reflex nut replacement

    Hi all, I recently purchased a used 25th anniversary. Absolutely love the guitar but the action was much higher than preferred. On my other ebmms the action is insanely low with no fret buzz. I tried to get the 25th to where my other guitars are at but I'm getting buzzing and choking when the...
  9. sceletor

    Silverburst BFR JP6 in action!

    Here is one of my biggest proud artist custom instrument: one-off Silverburst BFR JP6 in action:
  10. M

    Help: Excessive fret buzz on B string

    Hello everyone. I own a MM Stingray 5 from 2018 (a HH configuration) and I face since day one a problem of excessive fret buzz, especially the low B string. I already showed my bass to a luthier who corrected the fret work which wasn't that perfect in the first place. I set up my instrument...
  11. Q

    Axis high action low E at first fret

    Greetings - I have a 2006 Axis. I just had it set up but the low E action is a hair too high. I was told it would be too much work to try to lower that string. I took it to another guitar shop and he agreed it was just a hair too high but not worth trying to lower that string because the treble...
  12. N

    Help: BFR Fretbuzz Issues

    Hi, I purchased a mint BFR DD3 Stingray Special recently and am somewhat disappointed with the frets thus far. I have brought it to a couple of techs after trying my best to adjust it to specs but I cannot get the bass to reasonably setup without all of the frets buzzing on the E string. When I...
  13. M

    BFR jp6 after some month lose a little of action setup

    Hi folk I have a Wonderfull jp6 bfr, I notice that after some month(special in spring) I need to regulate a little the truss rod because the action has grow(a little). This happened in the last 3 year, obviously the truss rod adjustment are very little. Anyone has my same issue? thanks in advance
  14. G

    MusicMan Cutlass RS Setup Issue

    I hope someone with a Cutlass can help. I've been playing for over 30yrs and have played and setup a ton of guitars but this Cutlass RS has me a bit stumped. I recently purchased this through Guitar Center Used in excellent condition. Came looking brand new, even the plastic still on pick...
  15. fogman

    The new Sabre in action!

    . . . . Simply Great Heavy Guitar Tones | Omega Amp Works Granophyre | Neural DSP - YouTube . . . .
  16. M

    Question: Music Man Setup Techs in Los Angeles

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone can refer a good guitar tech in Los Angeles. I need my MM Albert Lee setup. Action is too high. Thank you, Paul Martinkovic
  17. bojondar

    Help: Truss rod Neck relief problem OLD Smoothie

    Hi everyone, I've got some issue on my 4 String Old Smoothie, First time i bought it, it was completely okay, the action was Low, playbility was even all across the fingerboard After 5 months of playing, the neck become Bow (concave), and the action was not Low anymore and it more difficult...
  18. danny-79

    Off Topic: Stage Shots. Show off you EBMM’s in Action

    So following the weekends gig. It was one of them gigs when everything is in your favour. The weather is on your side and so are the crowd. The rest of the band are all on form. It’s one of them gigs that reminds you of what you do it all for kind of gigs. Perfect :D So a band friend of mine...
  19. J

    Still love my Luke III

    Just did a cover of a Robert Plant song called "Like I've Never Been Gone". Love the tones I can get out of my Luke III!! I have tons of guitars but it's the one I always pick up.. great action, tremolo system, and tone! That second position tone on my HSS Luke III is killer!
  20. D

    High E Choking

    I setup my JP60 action similar to Petrucci specs - pretty flat neck, low action. Everything is great but the High E around the 12th fret...I'm wondering if I have a high fret somewhere? I could raise the action, but you know what? I find bending on the JP60 to be very hard - I use the same...
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