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  1. 7broccos

    Pickguard hunting

    Hi gang it has been a while just bought my third Bongo and first HS 4 in Candy Apple. Looking for an Abalone P/G had no luck finding one, any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. 7broccos

    Bongo 4H

    Hey gang just wanted to let everyone know I have a mint one off Bongo 4H for sale. Made in 2014 Candy Apple Red / Abalone p/g. All Redwood neck. Posted in For sale or Trade. Thanks.
  3. paulcissa

    Candy Apple Red

    Hi-ho fellow Ballers. Does anyone know when Candy Apple Red finish was discontinued on Standard SR-Vs? I've got a curious bass with late model Alnico pickup and comp nut in said finish. I already have a query out to S/N thread. Trying to gather as much history on it as possible. Thanks in...
  4. C

    Production year(s) for Axis Burnt Apple Sparkle

    So after lusting after an Axis for years I finally managed to snag one a couple of months ago. It is a beautiful Burnt Apple Sparkle and from what the guy at the store tells me, it is a 2001. I have had a couple of people tell me that this is a really rare color and they only made them in 2001...
  5. H

    Ngd: As hh nt mn mh bas

    Oh my god I have been so lucky, I recently scored a guitar, I always wanted to have: Axis Sport in a rare/fancy color. May I present: my new Axis Sport H-H non tremolo maple neck matching headstock burnt apple sparkle. This is so gorgeous and totally unexpected. It looks almost like new and...
  6. eieiowen

    Anyone have any pictures of the burnt apple stingray?

    Hi all. I'm loving the pictures of the new colors so far. I still haven't seen the burnt apple. I'm very curious if it is any different from the older version of this color. Any pictures?
  7. N

    NGD:Music Man Luke II Limited Edition Caramel Apple Delight

    Hi all, recently picked up my third Music Man Luke II. This time a Caramel Apple Delight with ebony fretboard. Really love the color! //Peter
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