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  1. I

    Non-Fine Tuner Floyd Rose on Axis

    Anyone here tried a Non-Fine Tuner Floyd Rose on the Axis? Seems like the NFT Floyd might improve tone, so I am curious.
  2. edhalen

    Incoming NGD - Sabre Boujee Burst

    Just scored this beauty from the 'Verb. Monday can't get here soon enough :). I've a decision to make as to which to keep, this one or the Trans Orange Axis.... can't keep both.
  3. edhalen

    NGD: EBMM Axis Trans Orange - 2007

    Just scored this beauty last week and took delivery on Friday. It looks like it was put in the case new and never played. Zero fret wear and zero marks anywhere on the guitar that I can find. Plastic still on the plastic covers on the back. Neck still has that nice smooth wax/oil finish feel...
  4. R

    Rush tribute gig video

    Thought I'd put this one out there, as my black Axis is my go-to and just makes me want to play better all the time. I always bring other guitars and plan to use them, but the black Axis never lets me down. This is for hardcore Rush fans only.
  5. Axis Sport

    Price for Axis bridge

    What is a fair price for an Axis tremolo bridge from the late 90's in good shape. Looked around and didn't really see that they come up for sale very often.
  6. J

    Axis Floyd Rose Noise?

    Hi all - So something I've noticed on my 2018 Axis BFR: the Floyd Rose trem unit routinely makes a knock or clunk when it returns back to level, decked against the guitar top. I'm running two springs w/ 9's, and unless I'm very, very gentle in controlling the trem return from a dive, it knocks...
  7. S

    Help me navigate the various EBMM neck profiles

    Hi there, In recent months I’ve been looking for a guitar that’s really easy to play. Over that time, I’ve played a few EBMM guitars and I love the finish on the necks. I also love the 1 5/8 nut width. Right now I have a Music Zoo Axis in purple quilt with roasted flamed neck at my studio...
  8. F

    Need help parsing a EBMM Build Code

    Hi All, Great community! I need help making sense of this build code that I got from the Serial Number Database (very cool this exists for EB guitars!) The Build Code is: 320-QG-11-00-CS-CR Does Serial in this code tell me it's a Custom Shop build and a Axis Super Sport with a basswood body...
  9. R

    Axis Super Sport - Possible to change from Hardtail to Tremolo?

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to swap out a hardtail on a Axis Super Sport to make it a Tremolo version? Thanks.
  10. F

    Axis SS knob height

    Hi Guys, Just picked up a new Axis SS and I am loving it. Minor issue. The volume knob sits right on the body which causes a little friction. The knob is also a little warped so it rubs the body unevenly. This knob is lightly snug on the shaft and sinks freely back down with only light...
  11. E

    Which EBMM would you got for ?

    Unfortunately the sky high UK prices have stopped my getting a new Axis - I'm not paying £3,849 / $5,389 which equates to 180% of the US prices. Luckily the 2nd hand market has some bargains :). I'm currently looking at a very well priced Luke 2, a pricier Luke #I Anniversary model, a nice...
  12. dibart77

    New July 2021 BFRs Have Dropped!

    Check it out! The new July 2021 BFR Run has dropped! Nice collection!!! Loving that Cutlass! Gimme a Floyd ANY DAY (this one is down-only like an Axis).
  13. J

    Question: All rosewood necks

    Are they a special order item , or limited run etc. I played an Albert Lee quite a few years ago with one and loved it, but didn't have enough in my gear fund. I have a 2014 Axis on its way from Long and Mcquade with the all rosewood neck as we speak. But I don't see many around.
  14. T

    Trouble with palm muting on an Axis guitar?

    I LOVE my axis guitar, except... I struggle picking quickly while palm muting on the high E string. Between the whammy bar and Volume knob, my hand is crammed in a small space and my range of motion to quickly pick notes is limited. I tried palm muting closer to the neck pickup, but the sound is...
  15. fogman

    2021 Axis

    I must admit, the new colors look much better in the videos than they do in the pictures. Ernie Ball Music Man: Introducing the 2021 Axis Guitar Collection - YouTube Ernie Ball Music Man Minute: Axis Guitar (ft. August Zadra) - YouTube
  16. Overdrive

    Anyone get a new '21 Axis yet ?

    Anyone receive a new '21 Axis yet? ETA on mine is 30 days.
  17. waltschwarzkopf

    Is this an original MM Axis?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an Axis guitar, preferably an original EBMM, but there are not many locally. I found on the local classified one that could be an original, but I'm not sure; hence I need your help identifying it. I've been wanting one for years, but I could never found one in my price...
  18. C

    Axis Super Sport: Feasible to replace EBMM hardtail with EBMM trem?

    Hello good people, My Axis Super Sport (attached) get me 95% of everything I need tone-wise, feel, weight, and visually. It is the best guitar I have owned since 1984, and probably always be. BUT, the 5% I am missing is what my other Axis Super Sports had... the "Music Man® vintage tremolo"...
  19. E

    5983 cases in stock anywhere?

    I have just purchased a 2000 EBMM Axis but it doesn't come with a case. I figured out that the 5983 model EBMM case is the right one, but now I cannot find one anywhere. Does anyone know of a place that has them in stock, or am I waiting for backorder?
  20. B

    Help: Install a Floyd on a Silhouette?

    Hi guys. Long time lurker here. I have a 2001 Burnt Apple Sparkle Silhouette. Great guitar. I love it. Thinking about installing a Floyd Rose on it. I have other guitars and need/want a Floyd guitar. Not floating. Down only. With a D-Tuna. A perfect Eddie guitar :) Not really interested in the...
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