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  1. K

    Difference between pre-eb and stingray HH

    What realistically is the difference between the 2h and the pre Ernie ball Sabre? I heard that sterling was talking about trying to solve some of the issues with the Sabre through the sterling way back when and was interested in what he said there. I know the differences between the hh and the...
  2. H

    Left handed Sterling Stingray34

    Hi there, It was never that easy to find a nice stingray for a left handed player but right now. Any idea who sells some right now? Ernie Ball send me info they don't build left handed bass this year. Pretty sad
  3. C

    Help: Ernie Ball Axis Ex?

    I have an ernie ball music man. It has no neckplate and no headstock markings other than Ernie ball music man. I e never seen one with no neckplate and it has a 4 hole neck. Anyone have any info on something like this? Having a hard time uploading pictures. Sorry
  4. K

    E for Ernie Ball or M for Music Man..?

    Maybe a stupid and unimportant question; but if you were to sort or list your guitars alphabetically, would you put your EBMM guitars under E for Ernie Ball or M for Music Man..? :-)
  5. K

    Preamp compatibility for a musicman Sabre restoration

    So I got an 85 Sabre recently but some doofus switched out the preamp for some “faithful to 76” aftermarket thing for some reason. I’m wondering what will be compatible with the Sabre? I heard that a Sabre of that year can basically be compatible with almost any Ernie ball 2eq preamp, I just...
  6. GWDavis28


    I waste time sometimes while I have to wait for work to finish and I've noticed on Reverb, people post some of the funniest stuff. I just saw this title and it made me laugh. Ernie Ball Music Man St Vincent 2018 Damn blue Hahahahahahahahaha, Glenn |B)
  7. S

    Loudest/twangiest acoustic sounding electric strings

    Hi! This question has to do with strings for electric guitar. I wonder if there is somebody out there who has tried all the different types of strings Earnie ball has to offer that can tell me which set is the loudest and maybe twangiest acoustically sounding set? All youtubevideos I've seen...
  8. L

    Help: Stingray Special with twisted neck

    Hello, new to this forum, but not Stingray basses. I recently bought a 2019 stingray special, this was pre-owned and purchased via a popular bass forum. I absolutely love the bass and wanted to get the action lower, so after playing it for about 3 weeks I proceeded to set everything up. I kept...
  9. Spudmurphy

    I think that I must be Ernie Balls worst customer?

    So at around the age of 50 I bought my first Ernie Ball guitar in 2005/6 an Albert Lee SSS/Trem/piezo. A year later I bought (what must be a rare guitar now?) a 2006 Limited Edition Albert , MMM, Trem. I also owned a second hand Albert, so for a while I had 3, a JP6 (Thanks Fred!), and EVH...
  10. V

    Looking to buy my first Majesty. What is a BFR?

    I am in the market for my first ever MM and i decided to go with a Majesty. I was a mahogany/maple body version.. I have got it down to two... Either the Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty 6 (Smoked Pearl) or the Ernie Ball Music Man "BFR" Majesty 6 - Bali Blue Burst. I notice some Majesty's are...
  11. mb99zz

    I Made a Ball For Christmas!

    Our family made some clay ornaments for Christmas. I’m not an artist....but this was the best I could do. Merry Christmas!
  12. DrKev

    Ernie Ball and Friends Halloween Virtual Performance

    Enjoy! :)
  13. X

    Question: I found this on fb market and was wondering if it's legit.

    Hello there, I'm not an expert on Ernie Ball guitars but I saw this listing that I am interested in, was wondering what you guys might think. The seller stated the following: Ernie Ball Music Man (EVH) Purple Burst. NEW Ernie Ball Music Man (based on the new EVH designs, with the current...
  14. S

    Custom Order options?

    I am planning on getting a Stingray Special 4HH in the not so distant future to replace a Stingray 4H I had to sell to finance a move last year, the Ghost Pepper finish looks really good to me. However, is there anyway to order one directly from Ernie Ball with stealth black hardware and...
  15. D

    String length

    Hey folks. What's the actual length of the string from ball end to very end of string on the Slinky set long gauge Ernie Ball bass strings for a 5 string
  16. G

    Mike Herrera Bass for sale at the Vault!!!!!

    Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Ernie Ball Music Man Mike Herrera StingRay Bass I find it quite humorous and amazing that both Ernie Ball Artist models offered are completely passive basses :-) #PassiveBassGangRepresent
  17. T

    How is Covid-19 likely to affect my order

    Hi - I have ordered a Cutlass Bass from a UK retailer for delivery by the end of may, I have not been in touch with the retailer, but I wondered how the virus has been affecting production at the Ernie Ball factory?
  18. K

    Question: Ageing my bass

    HI. The ageing tool does't seem to accept my guitar's serial number. Can anyone help. It is an Ernie Ball Musicman Sub 5, serial number X04727 Thanks Kim
  19. Daniel

    Introducing the February 2020 BFR lineup!

    Introducing the Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve February 2020 series. These rare pieces are offered in limited production runs and allow us to present instruments to the public that were previously reserved for family and our loyal artists. This month features the Majesty in Jester Red...
  20. N

    Question: Music Man Amps

    The last few years I was seeing the Music Man amps at the winter Namm Show at the Ernie Ball booth. These amps were being used by artists on the Ernie Ball stage. I have been asking for the last few years when these amps will be available for purchase, since they are out on display and being...
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