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  1. G

    How many Barolo bongo 5s were made

    I purchased a new Barolo bongo back in 2017. I knew that it was a limited run Guitar Center specific bass, but never knew the number of basses produced. Does anyone know how many Barolo bongo 5s were made?
  2. I

    Help: Stingray II Bass 1977. Is it original?

    Guys hello....what u think about this one? is it original? i thought that stingray 2 was the guitar model not bass. S/n 339188-225 Photos
  3. M

    Billy Sheehan’s Silhouette Baritone 6 - Bass Guitar

    Hi friends! I’ve been wanting a Baritone for a long time so I finally made a purchase this morning after this gem popped up on Check out the attached photos of my “new” Silhouette Bass Guitar Baritone 6! After some digging, I’ve confirmed this to be made for and owned by Billy...
  4. B

    Bongo Bass and wireless

    There has been quite a bit of discussion about Bongos and wireless systems, but I don't think my question is redundant. I've used two types of wireless systems with my Bongo, a Donner DWS3 and Joyo. I've used 2 Donners, and they are now "cutting out" frequently enough to be unusable. The...
  5. K

    Pickup height adjustment questions

    So I’m hacking it alone on this 84 Sabre with pre eb Sabre pickups, and I’m wondering how much difference does like 1/32 make in terms of sound. Like will the bass response be better? Will the bass knob be stronger or something? I’m not sure, or is it just a volume and balance thing where the...
  6. B

    Help: Help s/n my bass

    339188-225 tell me about the guitar:confused:
  7. M

    Fanned fret JP, Possibility of FINALLY a fanned fret bass??

    like the title implies, whats yalls thoughts on how soon we will FINALLY get a fanned fret bass? id been dying for a bongo but if its a ray or a new model im gonna be on that ASAP. link for reference Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty 8
  8. danny-79

    Stolen. If seen please let me know

    Ok so this belongs to a working musician I know. Tool of the trade stolen. If anyone in the UK sees this floating about please let me know so I can forward information to owner. Copy/paste from band page. Pls SHARE/RT! On July 17th we played the Marvellous Festival in Wokingham. A week after...
  9. BIGEJ2

    Question: Bongo Knobs

    Did a search here and the last few threads on Bongo knobs got a little contentious... My BFR Crescendo was delivered yesterday. This bass is a monster all of the way around - perfect weight, perfect balance and plays/sounds as good as it looks. And boy oh boy do I like the looks of this...
  10. S

    2019 BFR Fretless Stingray H control knob

    Which control knob do I actually have on this bass? Technically all I need is the set screw so I'm assuming that either bass control knob will work. But in the circumstance that I need it at a later date it would be nice to know that I have a spare. Thanks for any information.
  11. drTStingray

    NBD - Tim Commerford Stingray

    My natural/black hardware/ passive/34” scale/ ebony board TC Stingray was delivered at the end of last week. I must say this is a very nice bass :cool: - plays like a dream. The passive system sounds great - my favourite setting is with the pick up in series and the tone control about mid way...
  12. 7broccos

    Bongo Bliss

    Played one of our cities best venues last night, started the night out with I dare say a short scale bass since it was a 3 1/2 hour gig. You know give my old shoulder a break, tough acoustical room and stage. ( mush ). Grabbed the mighty Bongo and wow! Actually had to turn down so thick and...
  13. D

    1990s Stingray 5 bass preamplifier and connection diagram

    Hi, I have a 1990 Stingray 5 bass. I have problems with noise, do you have a preamplifier and connection diagram? greetings .
  14. D

    Question: Music Man Sterling 4H in Pearl Purple / Background information of this Special Run?

    Hello there! So I own a beautiful Sterling 4H in Pearl Purple, made in January 1996. According to the web this was a special run of only 70 pieces. The serial data base calls this Bass "BASS STERLING SPECIAL MAPLE" I wonder if there is any story behind this special run or if there is nothing...
  15. W

    Broken adjustment wheel!

    I've had my Sterling Stingray 5 for a while now (enough to void the warranty), and today while adjusting the truss rod after getting new strings, the wheel to adjust it fell out! Has anyone dealt with this problem before, and if so how did you fix it? This is my primary bass and I'd hate to have...
  16. D

    Stingray 5 Action Issues

    Hey all, new poster, but long time player and I've done tons of work on different basses, but this is my first Music Man and I'm finding it to be very difficult to get it set up properly. I've got the saddles dropped completely to the deck, and the string height was still around 9/64 at the...
  17. A

    Help: Stingray Special shorting out

    I bought this bass used from guitar center and it arrived yesterday. The bass looks and plays great, however when I plugged it in I noticed there was no sound. I put 2 new 9v batteries in and still nothing. Then I noticed if I opened one side of the battery compartment, sound would come through...
  18. D

    Question: new Stingray's humbucker: bass side recesses into the cavity....

    RE: my new Sterling Stingray short-scale bass: The bass side of the pickup is easily depressed into the cavity away from the screw with just a little pressure. This makes no sense. The treble side of the humbucker does not do this. The music store that sold it to me says that this is an odd...
  19. D

    Reflex Bass Question

    I have a White with a cream binding Reflex bass. It has 1 H. I love the passive setting w/parallel. Here is the weird thing, When passive setting w/parallel, the passive tone control does not work but the hi,low mid, treble & bass controls work (while in passive). I can tell there is a...
  20. M

    Preamp too powerfull?

    Hello everyone. I'm a Stingray 5 special HH from 2018 owner and I have a question regarding the overall sound of the bass. When I plug this bass whether in my amp or worse in my audio interface with a DI, the sound of the "bass", I mean the low frequencies is WAY TOO powerfull. The bass knobs...
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