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  1. M

    NGD - another Valentine

    My first is the natural, the new one is the powder blue - #43. After getting the natural on a whim I found that it had quickly turned into my favorite for just about any application I found myself in. Eventually, anytime I was playing a guitar in the store I was comparing it to the Valentine I...
  2. racerx

    Thoughts or Feedback on BFR Cutlass/Stingray Binding

    Just curious if anyone else had a similar experience or feedback related to the binding on a BFR Cutlass & Stingray. A year or two back I picked up a Stingray and Cutlass second-hand and I love them. A few months ago I decided a perfectly responsible and reasonable financial decision was to...
  3. K

    Is it normal for retailers to sell EBMM guitars manufactured several years ago?

    Hello, I've been on the verge of purchasing an EBMM JPXI-7 guitar for months, now. I finally went to pull the trigger last night, but after searching up the product serial (to ensure it is legit), I discovered that the guitar was manufactured in July 2015. Everything sold on this retailer...
  4. J

    NGD - BFR Sabre

    I was impressed with the Sabre when it first came out, and I heard the demos. Then, they dropped the Coral Blue BFR with the rosewood neck, and that did it for me. Just arrived today. I threw it on my Pocket GT (moving, so my amp is in storage) with some headphones, and it sounds fantastic out...
  5. racerx

    Question: Any news on the next BFR run?

    Hey folks - just curious if anyone experienced with the BFR release cadence or interactions with dealers has a pulse on the next run of BFR guitars? I'm thinking of picking up another Stingray or Cutlass but I want to wait and see what is in the pipeline (be it BFR or model-year refresh) before...
  6. wired

    BFR Sabre wish list

    The new BFR announcements are something I find myself looking forward to every few months. The most recent BFR Cutlass has me wishing for a BFR Sabre with a floyd bridge, ruby red burst flamed maple top, roasted flamed maple neck & ebony fingerboard. Uncovered black/cream pickups would be cool...
  7. F

    JP6 BFR woods

    Hi, in the comparison of the different JP models (John Petrucci Signature Guitar Buying Guide – Ernie Ball Music Man), it says that the JP6 BFR has a mahogany tone block and alder body. I guess there have been JP6 BFR types produced regardless of this 'JP6 BFR' type, with probably different...
  8. F

    JP6 BFR price europe

    Hi guys, what is a reasonable price for a 2010 JP6 BFR with piezo in Europe? I see prices on reverb w/o piezo from €1650 and up, which I think is a little too much. I guess with piezo I would be willing to offer €1800, 2000 tops. What do you think? Cheers, furor
  9. J

    2014 JP7 BFR locking tuners questions

    Hey guys, new here. Just had a couple quick questions about my 2014 JP7 BFR model, absolutely brilliant guitar but I had a few questions about it. Recently I was making the switch to some slightly thicker strings to go down to drop G# but the low .70 gauge would not fit through the locking...
  10. V

    NGD Valentine Trem BFR 2019

    New EBMM convert here. Been lurking and digesting the great info here for months after discovering the Valentine. Finally found the one for me. 2019 Valentine Trem BFR in Target Burst (clownburst). The neck is more of a birdseye instead of that tight tiger flame...which makes it seem a...
  11. M

    EBMM BFR 7 Majesty

    Since Feb-21 I'm doing really well "learning" how to play a 7 string since all I've played for 50 years was a 6 string guitar! The BFR Majesty is just really easy to play and that helps a LOT! If you are on the fence about wondering if you could or should play a 7 string like I was, be NOT afraid.
  12. S

    2x NGD Axis BFR and Sport

    Can't find much info at all on this 2016 Trans Black BFR Axis. Hard to find pics while I waiting on it to arrive. Does it have the block in it? The Sport is hard not to like for it's simplicity alone.
  13. D

    My recent FORTUNATE EBMM experience with rosewood JP15

    Hey all! Second topic here, and this time, it's positive. Previously, I had gone through two Bali burst majestys from guitar center. Same problem. I was a bit disappointed and annoyed but hey, it happens. I kept the EBMM faith and ordered a rosewood BFR JP15. Let me say this first: I've owned...
  14. racerx

    Replacement Backplate for EBMM Valentine?

    Hey everyone, I tried reaching out to support with no luck so I am trying here. I recently picked up a BFR Valentine that has his signature on the rear electronics cover. I'd like to replace the cover with a plain one. Does anyone know if it exists? Or could someone recommend a...
  15. Sweat

    HNGD x 2

    This post is a bit belated as I have had these for a few weeks, just busy and had no camera until I got my new IPhone. Got a bit of GAS at the end of the year and ended up with two BFR's. First up is the December 2020 BFR Semi Hollow Axis Super Sport. As soon as this one was posted knew I was...
  16. Owen

    NGD - BFR Albert Lee

    First post for a long, long time.... Earlier this week I was lucky to find a mint, possibly unplayed BFR Albert Lee which is 10+ yrs old. Apparently it belonged to a collector who has recently downsized so he sold it back to the original supplier. My Father recently passed which allowed me to...
  17. J

    NGD - My first EBMM!

    Guitar Center (I know, I know) happened to have a BFR Axis come up on clearance, as a floor model. Seeing as MM has discontinued all Axis colors until later this year, and pretty much all existing stock (in the US at least) has been sold off, and more to the point, GC was offering the Axis at a...
  18. V

    Looking to buy my first Majesty. What is a BFR?

    I am in the market for my first ever MM and i decided to go with a Majesty. I was a mahogany/maple body version.. I have got it down to two... Either the Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty 6 (Smoked Pearl) or the Ernie Ball Music Man "BFR" Majesty 6 - Bali Blue Burst. I notice some Majesty's are...
  19. T

    How is the BFR different?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I ask this in the context of being interested in a Bongo Ball family reserve. Although it looks stunning it has quite a premium attached to it's price, and with Covid it's impossible to try it out.
  20. ibanez4life SZ!

    JP6 BFR Owner Missing Certificate?

    Anyone in this group happen to own JP6 BFR S/N G52708 (2011 build)? I was cleaning through some guitar stuff today, and happened to stumble on the certificate for this guitar. I've owned more JPs over the years than I care do admit, and it looks like this one somehow got separated from the...
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