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  1. A

    JPM - Help - Concern about scrathes on the body

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am in negotiations to buy a 2005 JP6, but the guitar have some details and scratches on the body. Do you guys think this is something that I should be concerned or is it just painting details? The guy told me that this is just about painting, and...
  2. F

    Axis SS knob height

    Hi Guys, Just picked up a new Axis SS and I am loving it. Minor issue. The volume knob sits right on the body which causes a little friction. The knob is also a little warped so it rubs the body unevenly. This knob is lightly snug on the shaft and sinks freely back down with only light...
  3. B

    Help identifying Stingray

    Hi everyone! I traded for my first Stingray, a 2012 Stingray 4. I’m just wondering on the history of this guitar and if it is as it should be as according to the EB serial decoder, this bass was made September 11th 2012 but with a maple neck in black with a black pickguard. This bass is blue…...
  4. B

    New Ball Family Reserve, did a site jump the gun?

    I just saw this on a music store website as on backorder. I can't find it on the official EBMM website....did someone jump the gun? A beautifully accented special-edition bass from the Ball Family Reserve, this 5-string Bongo features hand-fitted black binding and a high-gloss ash body. What's...
  5. A

    New JP15 bridge alignment

    Hey folks 👋 I recently got a 7 strings JP15 from Thomann. The guitar is playing fine, but today I noticed that the bridge is not really aligned with the body. English is not my native language so I find hard to describe the problem, so here's a picture. You can see that the screw of the...
  6. Clouseau

    JP15 stiff strings feel

    Hello, I use 9-42 strings on my jp15. Tried a couple of different ones from different manufactures but they all feel stiff compared for example to my RG with edge tremolo. My action is pretty low(1.2mm on e, 1.5mm on E, or even lower), neck is almost straight. Saddles are not flat(parallel)...
  7. hbucker

    This Doesn't Look Right...

    I know about EVHs but not a lot about the Sterling line. This is for sale in the local marketplace. Seller says it's a Sterling but the headstock doesn't look right. And was this ever a factory graphic on the body? String retainer looks crooked and in the wrong place.
  8. A

    Cleaning gunk off the edge of the body

    What are you using to clean the film that forms on the top edge of the body? It builds up from my forearm resting on the edge. I try to whipe the neck after each play but I often forget to hit the body as well. My EB polish arrived yesterday and it did a great job of getting the smudges off...
  9. phat5

    Well this is odd......'77 Stingray

    I took in another abused project today, '77 body with a '79 neck. Someone did terrible things to this bass and it needs to be brought back to life. What I find odd is that there are no pick guard holes on the body, there are other holes caused by the previous abuser, but no pick guard screw...
  10. phat5

    Bullet proof.

    I recently purchased an incomplete refinishing project, Stingray Classic. Upon further stripping of the finish, I discovered a unique body lamination line....I'm guessing this thing's not coming apart!
  11. K

    Help: Need help desperately

    Hello, I'm a real old school Stingray player just joined here seeking for desperate help. My Stingray which I bought new back in 1979 was stolen and finally found bu the police. However the bass had all the hardwares taken away bu the frets, and body was stripped to bare Ash and no bridges nor...
  12. D

    Music Man Body Most like the Fender Jaguar

    Greetings all! I was wondering which Music Man model has a body closest to the Jaguar in terms of comfort and how it sits on your leg when playing seated. Looking to buy my first Music Man guitar (fell in love with an Axis neck 16 years ago and still think about it). I have gone through many...
  13. M

    Majesty pickups are tuned to their bodies, right?

    Hi all, Thinking out loud here... I recently purchased a MM Monarchy Majesty that is supposed to be tuned for (according to the spec-sheets) Sonic Ecstasy pickups. The newer model MM Majesty however is said to be "tuned" for a newer set of pups called "Neck: Rainmaker" & "Bridge...
  14. A

    StingRay saddle height screws angled

    Hello! I see that the screws on my 4-string StingRay are “angled” instead of being perpendicular to the body. Is this normal? If so, is this due to the intonation screws length/angle? Thanks!!
  15. N

    Body Countour/Arm Rest on Cutlass Jason Richardson model

    Good afternoon all, I'm think about picking up the Jason Richardson 6 string model that released today and am not sure if I want to pull the trigger as I don't have access to play that 6 or the 7 string version. Does anyone have any input regarding the the countour of the body and how your...
  16. A

    Axis Floyd very stiff

    Hello all - I have a 2017 Axis purchased new in 2017 (10 year anniversary gift from my awesome wife - I picked the guitar). My only frustration is the difficulty doing dives. It has 2 springs at the 1 and 4 positions. The go straight across instead of angled to the 2 and 3. I tried backing...
  17. A

    Talk me out of a Cutlass...

    Hey guys, I have a Valentine that I'm beyond happy with, replaced the bridge pickup with a proper humbucker and it's the closest I've ever gotten to the Les Paul tone without the weight and bulkiness - and with a lot more versatility with the coil split. It can somehow sound both Fendery and...
  18. M

    Help: NGD- Valentine BFR- some concerns

    Hi all. New to EBMM. Never even played a sterling before. But this guitar spoke to me through the screen. I mostly play Les Pauls, and this one being spec’d like a 70’s custom immediately intrigued me (Mahogany/okume body, maple top, Ebony fb, maple neck, block inlays, Hardtail, double bound...
  19. J

    Neck Differences on Axis

    I have an Axis that seems the action goes from consistent between the low e and high e side and gradually the high e side action gets higher than the other side, its abount .5mm higher around the 17th fret. The high e side is actually lower at the nut than the other side. It would have to be...
  20. B

    Modding my GC

    I use my GC on virtually every gig I play. It’s my all-time favorite guitar, but two things I don’t dig are that it’s not a double cut away and that it’s pretty heavy (especially for 4 hour gigs). I’m thinking of buying another and modding the body thusly: 1. Cut away a section from the upper...
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