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  1. wannarock8

    Game Changer success story

    No, by success story I don't mean I've become a well off career rock n roll guitarist. I got a used (like new) Reflex HH with piezo and Game Changer circuit a couple of weeks ago. Having the Game Changer circuit was probably the least important consideration in my deciding to buy the Reflex...
  2. S

    Question: Reflex pickups size?

    Can one of you kind souls tell me whIch size pickups the Reflex (not game changer) has in the neck AND bridge?
  3. G

    Just bought a game changer and it doesn't work!

    Hi all, late to the party! Just bought a game changer, had a reflex for a long time. I'm sure the guitar worked before I did all the updates etc. The guitar now works ONLY when plugged into the computer, Put in brand new batteries. What have I done? How can I fix this?
  4. five7

    Reflex 5 with game changer

    Was the game changer ever offered on a 5 string. I saw one for sale and thought they only came on 4 strings.
  5. B

    Wanted to buy: Game Changer Reflex HSH with Trem

    I’m looking to pick up a second GC HSH. If you have one you’re not using much, I’m interested.
  6. O

    Is the Game Changer official dead?

    I see that the Game Changer Guitar and Bass are no longer on the website. Does that mean the Game Changer official dead? Will there be any support?
  7. M

    Using a Silhouette Special as spare Guitar for a Game Changer HSH

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I am a long term Music Man Addict, playing a Silhouette HSH since 1990, added a Silhouette Special HSS in 2013 and last year was lucky to find a used game changer HSH/Trem for a very reasonable price. I love the game changer, which is my main guitar...
  8. O

    Has EBMM forgotten and abandoned the Game Changer platform?

    Why nothing new in 4 or 5 years for the Game Changer? Why no 5 string bass? Why no new colors? Stainless Steal Frets? Is it a good idea to keep these guitars? with the website and software support go away one day?
  9. K

    Game changer with piezo

    I am looking at the game changer H H with a piezo. I asked the seller this question but he didn't know the answer. Can the piezo and magnetic be split with a stereo cable so I can send each to a separate amps? Those who have a game changer how do you like it? What's the neck feel like? Thanks
  10. MSilvers

    New Video: Game-Changer Content

    Hey all, my band just put up a new video that I played my TGC bass in. You can check it out here: LOOSE BUTTONS - Sahara [4K Version] - YouTube You can even watch the video in HD all the way up to 4K if anyone has fancy displays. If you're interested in checking out the rest of the tracks...
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