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  1. jptortor

    Cutlass Neck shape?

    Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been in the market for a new music man and lots has changed! I'm really looking for a nice S type guitar and I came looking at the silhouette special but now think the cutlass SSH might be a great choice. I have over time come to like slightly fatter...
  2. S

    Cutlass: stealth versus regular HSS

    Hi all, I'm continuing my search for the right EBMM, and my dealer friend has loaned me a Cutlass Stealth. Overall, I'm knocked out by this guitar. The neck isn't too tiny on the back, the intonation is superb and it plays and sounds great, with none of the ergonomic or fingerboard edge...
  3. P

    Neck shapes

    I have owned and continue to own several EBMM guitars. Including st Vincent, Cutlass, Albert Lee, Mariposa. I just recently picked up a 2021 sterling Cutlass ct50 HSS... I have never owned a Sterling model before, but was curious. One of the big differences I immediately noticed was that the...
  4. racerx

    Question: Any news on the next BFR run?

    Hey folks - just curious if anyone experienced with the BFR release cadence or interactions with dealers has a pulse on the next run of BFR guitars? I'm thinking of picking up another Stingray or Cutlass but I want to wait and see what is in the pipeline (be it BFR or model-year refresh) before...
  5. SlimBob

    How to remove ashtray cover on Cutlass

    Is there some kind of trick to removing the cover plate thingy over the saddles on the Cutlass? Is there a screw or is it just a friction fit that you pull off?? Thanks
  6. LisaIs

    Question: Cutlass Neck Profile

    Hello! I prefer a thin neck profile. Thinner than what is referred to a modern C. Think wizard. I am sorry to use descriptive words used by other manufacturers. Anyway, I have turned into a lover of 24" scale guitars and am excited about the Sterling Cutlass short scale. I wasn't sure if anyone...
  7. C


    Are fretbaord edges rounded?
  8. D


    I've been playing for over 40 years but I just got my first Music Man guitar today! It's a 2018 Cutlass RS HSS. I'm loving it so far!
  9. W

    Pickup options for a Cutlass?

    Has anybody here replaced the pickups on a Cutlass? If so what are the options considering the silent circuit?
  10. M

    Cutlass HSS pickup schematics

    Hi all, Proud owner of a Cutlass. Happy with the sounds but missing Fatness from the bridgepickup, do thinking of putting a humbucker in it. With the silent circuit I was hoping somebody would have the original schematics to share? Regards marc
  11. wired

    NGD - Eclipse Sparkle Cutlass

    Ordered this through Sweetwater about a week ago & it ended up coming in from EBMM much sooner than I was expecting. This is my 2nd Cutlass & it’s pretty much perfect. The finish looks so much better in person than it did on their website. No one does sparkle finishes like Music Man.
  12. L

    Kinda/Sorta NDG Cutlass

    TLDR; I gave my beloved Cutlass RS away to my kid because she is freakin awesome! LONG AND SUPER SAPPY VERSION: About a year ago my 16yo daughter started teaching herself to play guitar. She's a weird one for her age. Her first concert way Taylor Swift but her first rock concert was Tenacious...
  13. PeteDuBaldo

    Tobacco Cutlass and Roasted Maple

    What a great combo, this one is too amazing to not share! And it's very light at just 6lb 13oz, I thought I had picked up a Majesty.
  14. B

    Sterling Cutlass Trem Arm Diameter

    I recently bought a Sterling Cutlass SSH, but it came without a tremolo bar. Does anyone know the correct diameter of the screw in bar??? Thanks in advance!
  15. mb99zz

    Belated NGD

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post my NGD experience late last year. For some time I have been longing for one of two Cutlass RS guitars that I assumed just didn’t exist — either a black Cutlass RS with the roasted maple neck/FB or a white RS with the roasted neck/FB. Of those...
  16. MikeyB

    Cutlass And Fuzz

    Hi Guys, Thought you might enjoy this, very cool how the cutlass reacts with Fuzz pedals. It's such a great guitar!!
  17. C

    Help: MM Cutlass Causing Intermittent Rumble

    Like the title says, my cutlass started causing a rumble noise through my amp a while back. I couldn't find any information about it online, so here I am! Here's what I've tested so far: It is independent of the pickup selector, tone knob, and volume knob It doesn't happen with my other guitar...
  18. Aleanimazione1

    Cutlass bridge cover

    Dear All, just bought a new Cutlass guitar, with a good discount because of some scratches on the bridge cover. Rest of the guitar is immaculate and, actually, I play without that part. It took less than one minute to remove it. But, in the way to have everything in the right place, where...
  19. D

    Battery in Cutlass guitar

    Hello Everybody ! I bought a used 2017 cutlass guitar and it did not come with any information.I notice that it uses a battery.So I went on the website and it say's the guitar will function with or with out the battery but the silencing circuit will not function.So guess what, I was playing live...
  20. N

    What is the difference, if any, between a Cutlass and a Cutlass RS?

    Greetings, everyone. I just bought a 2019 Cutlass and the EBMM serial number lookup tells me I have a Cutlass. When I look online, however, I see references to a Cutlass RS. What's the difference between a Cutlass and a Cutlass RS? Does the "RS" stand for "rosewood", maybe? Thanks in advance.
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