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  1. moleng1

    New Canadian Member

    Hey All, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from Vancouver, B.C. Canada and last week bought my first EBMM guitar, a 2018 Cutlass RS SSS, what a beautiful guitar!! Having never owned an EBMM before I was blown away by the build, sound and attention to detail on these guitars!! Then this...
  2. roburado

    What website are people using to post pics on the forum?

    Been a long time since I've posted pics on the forum. I think I used shutterfly in the past. What are you all using these days? Starting to get my act together regarding selling some guitars...
  3. D

    Question: Music Man Sterling (USA) 2021

    Hi! When will EB release new Music Man Sterling (USA) basses, and which colours? Thanks! (Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask).
  4. J

    Help: battery

    I've looked all over the net and this forum and can't find out where the battery is in an MM Albert Lee. Please, where is it and how do I get to it? Is there a manual somewhere for this guitar? thanks!
  5. P

    Lightweight trem block option '14 Silo Special

    Hi all, Looking to see if there are any light(er)-weight trem blocks available for a '14 Silhouette Special. Nothing tonally wrong with the guitar (sounds great and well balanced), but is about 7.8lbs. It plays better than my '03 hardtail, though the weight becomes an issue after a while. I...
  6. C

    My MM Basses

    New to the forum. Here are my basses. From L-R in order of purchase: Sterling 5HH Egyptian Smoke 2011 Big Al 5SSS Silver (my goto bass) 2012 Bongo 5HS Black 2013 Reflex 5HSS White 2019
  7. N

    Family Photo

    I haven't been around this forum too long, and I've only started a couple of threads here in the bass forum. You may have remembered a within the last few months when I had issues with the neck on my DD3 SR and then I needed some advice on getting the neck of my Bongo 6 back in shape after I got...
  8. roburado

    If you had to sell some guitars, where would you do it these days?

    Hi, folks. I haven't posted here very much in the past several years. I haven't really spent much time playing guitar for the same time period. I haven't spent much time looking at where and how forum members sell their guitars lately. In the past, the for-sale thread was seemingly full of...
  9. N

    Luke true gold second hand value

    OMG want want want!! But can someone tell me why second hand value for these Luke true golds are sooo high? I know they are rare with 250 made worldwide. Seen one currently for sale at £3500. That’s a bit much.. is it? New to forum. Proud owner of an original luke 1 pearl blue and Luke 2...
  10. J

    Big Al S-S-S

    Hey all, so I just bought NOS Big Al 4 s-s-sthat has been sitting in a store in Spain for the last 10 years and appears to still be new but neglected. The battery compartment is totally rotted out from leaving batteries inside of it but that's being remedied. My real query is the tone control...
  11. bovinehost

    Shocking Revelation

    I think I want a guitar. You know, one of those six-string things over there on the dark side of the forum.
  12. A

    Normal Vs. BFR

    Hi everyone. A newbie to the forum here :p I've a feeling this question has been asked MANY times, but I'm new to this forum stuff and not sure where to look. I've had a couple of Axis's and ASS's over the years, as they have become my go-to guitar "feel", especially in recent years. I've...
  13. GWDavis28

    One of the great things about this forum!!

    So, I've been on this forum for quite a while now and it never ceases to maze me that the people I've met here are just great. I first met MikeVT at the 2005 EBMM Forum Open house!! I met many there and at other forum sponsored events. I got a FailBook Messanger post from Mikey saying he was...
  14. M

    EBMM chinese sub 4

    good afternoon forum people this is my first thread just joined this forum today. my question is i have just bought a chinese made mm sub 4 bass and i really do need to change the pick guard for something more exciting. could someone tell me if the classic stingray plate will fit as i cannot...
  15. B

    Shout out to Pete

    Off topic but I had to shout out Pete DuBaldo for the setup. I brought my Majesty in and he did a great job plus it was done within like a day. If anyone in the forum is in CT, take your balls there and Pete will take good care of them :D
  16. b-unit

    Nine Balls a Bouncing!

    Finally got a family shot of what may be one of the largest collection of lefty EBMM basses west of Lefthanzia! The latest additions are the stunning Gremlin Green purchased from none other then the illustrious Forum member Psychoward, and a very rare Trans Green “Heinz” that I found hanging up...
  17. dstockden

    NNGD after a long break.

    Hi all. Got a nearly new guitar day (It's new I've just not got round to posting my new beast that I've had for a few months) My JP7. A few old timers on here may remember me from a long time ago. Anyhow, happy to be back on the forum!
  18. R

    Thread specifics

    Hello... What is the typical time frame for a new thread to be viewable on the Forum from the time it is entered? Thanks, Royb3988
  19. Rod Trussbroken

    New theme option for forum

    . New theme option: HERE
  20. Rod Trussbroken

    New theme option for forum

    . New theme option: HERE
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