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  1. Astrofreq

    Woohoo!!!! Got my pre-COVID gig back! :)

    Hey everyone, I'm so happy that things in New Mexico are really opening up. This last year and a half has been an extremely hard one for the world. I lost my dream job in March of last year and went through some serious depression through pretty much the rest of the year. While many were...
  2. D

    Newbie to MM guiters looking for recommendations

    Hi, I have played a good few MM guitars over the years and have always wanted one. Fortunately, I'm now in a position to get one. I already have a PRS SE 35th Anniversary and an Epiphone Les Paul (and a Martin D18 acoustic) and I'm looking to widen the range of tones and colours available. I...
  3. W

    Black Chrome

    So on a gig last month, I had the volume knob on my Majesty fall off and I've lost it. I guess with it being a push/push knob it has the ability to wiggle itself loose. It was an outdoor gig and it didn't turn up. Anyway, I called parts/service and it turns out they're not manufacturing black...
  4. DrKev

    Keith's Zebra armchair

    I just saw it in the FS thread. It's grabbed my eyes before the gold sparkle AL did. Somebody once gifted me a gig bag with a furry zebra striped interior and I gave it away because the shoulder straps were missing. I regret that every single day since. If anyone ever sees a gig bag with zebra...
  5. D

    Question: String breakage M Steel 10-46

    Hi, has anyone had issues with continually breaking the 4th string on a set of Ernie Ball M Steel 10-46 strings ? Mine continually breaks at the saddle after about 3 playing hours from new ( Fender Stratocaster). I have thoroughly inspected the saddle and bridge plate and my guitars are...
  6. C

    A little road trip/gig

    I almost never get to play electric bass. I gig all the time on upright bass and my rather large collection of electric basses stays at home. I got called to play a gig tomorrow night in Laredo. The music will be a mix of pop, jazz standards and soul music. I was playing several of my basses...
  7. njhammer

    St. Paddy's Day Gig Bass Lineup

  8. G


    Hey: Just a brief introduction from a brand new member. I'm an old guy who owns somewhere around thirty guitars, but never owned an Ernie Ball. I've always wanted one, but just never got around to it until yesterday, when I finally broke down and spent the bucks on a bright red MM Luke II...
  9. Astrofreq

    Here's a track I did for Meow Wolf - Some EBMM content.

    Hey everyone, I just finished a track for Meow Wolf and it turned out really great. I can't give the specifics of the video's content (as it isn't released yet), but picture a bunch of kids running around Meow Wolf. It was quite a challenge even being considered for this gig, but I got the job...
  10. H

    Question: Gig Bag for Axis without removing trem?

    In search of a good quality gig bag where I won't have to remove the tremolo arm from my Axis... Seems like I remember seeing a thread on this a while back but can't seem to find it. Any suggestions on a bag?
  11. Fuzzy Dustmite

    Looks like Zach Cooper of Coheed and Cambria was playing a Cutlass at a recent gig

    I've only ever seen him play F3nders so this is nice!
  12. jpoprock

    2007 ASS LE MM90 Blue Dawn: How Rare/Value?

    When I ordered my ASS LE, I was told that the factory made very few of them. Is there any way to know how many were made? You never see them for sale, so I have to think they might be rare for that particular model. I want to schedule it on my Home Insurance policy and I'm trying to figure out a...
  13. PeteDuBaldo

    My first NGD in years

    While I have the luxury of seeing all the guitars that come through our shop I don't have the luxury to keep them all, and I haven't bought one in several years. This particular guitar I ordered while in the BFR Room at the NAMM Show 2017. It has definitely been a long wait, but I would do it...
  14. H

    Question: Gig Bag for Axis with trem?

    Just looking for a nice gig bag for my 96' Axis where I don't have to remove the trem arm. I don't want to replace any components on the guitar. Any ideas?
  15. armybass

    Old Smoothie and Caprice Gig Report... part deux

    Lets try posting this again while in a wee bit more sober state of sorry about that.. Well I gigged the new Caprice this weekend.... to say I was impressed is truly an understatement. I took both the Caprice and my new OS Stingray to my gigs this weekend with the intention of...
  16. TheGame

    Help: I am looking for a gig bag for my 6-string MusicMan Bongo Bass

    Hello, I am am looking for a gig bag for my 6-string MusicMan Bongo Bass. I just want to be sure I purchase the right case as far as length and width for it to fit. Can anyone give me some suggestions on gig bags that would work? Thank you!
  17. armybass

    Gig Report..91 Two Band Ray vs 2017 Classic Stingray.

    Had a nice little bar gig last night and decided to AB my two very similar Stingrays.... a beat up well worn 1991 2 band player and a brand new 2017 Classic Stingray. Both set up with flats running through the same amp of course. When I play them at home they both seem very similar but when...
  18. armybass

    My turn? Gig Spam Classic Stingray content?

    Gig Spam Classic Stingray content Ok I'm gonna try to copy Jack and post some gig video with my new classic Stingray. And special treat... the great Bass player and EBMM endorsed artist Keith Horne burning up a guitar! It's a Facebook video. Hope it works.
  19. C

    Help: Volume knob doing something funny

    To start with I own a Big Al 5 SSS. The problem I am talking about is that when I turn my volume knob all the way up it cuts completely out, but if I just turn it down a fraction the sound comes back full force. Could this be a volume pot issue? Or could be a preamp issue? I only own one bass...
  20. mikeller

    Off Topic: In Ear Monitors

    Just curious how many knuckleheads gig with IEM's, and their experiences?
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