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  1. A

    Question: EB/MM Customer Service

    Hello! One month ago my beloved Valentine had an accident. I leant it against my amp and it slipped right into the metal edges of said amp and left a scratch in the back of the neck. I was totally heartbroken. Since this is my number one guitar I would like to get it fixed by the fabulous...
  2. N

    Help: Majesty Artisan Battery Compartment Issue

    Greetings folks, I am hoping someone will be able to advise me on an issue I am having with my Majesty Artisan. I purchased the guitar in Fall 2016 from Guitar Center. I am having an issue with the guitar's battery compartment. The left front AA battery feels extremely loose to the point where...
  3. M

    JP15 for Drop Tunings?

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a new guitar for Drop C tuning. I really love how JP15 and Majesty feels. But I did not have any chance to test them in Drop tunings. Scale length is fine for me, pickups are good. But the issue is I don't know if JP15 is a "suitable" guitar for Drop C? Also...
  4. I

    Help: Stingray II Bass 1977. Is it original?

    Guys hello....what u think about this one? is it original? i thought that stingray 2 was the guitar model not bass. S/n 339188-225 Photos
  5. R

    JP 60 being discontinued?

    A major chain is selling these for roughly $450(!) I have a JP50 and a JP60, and when I bought them, I paid almost twice that. Some are selling for 6, 700 used. I've seen this kind of thing before. Years ago, Ibanez came out with the the RG3120. A really nice guitar that would set you back...
  6. S

    Does $1000 sound right for a new neck?

    I picked a really cheap 20th anniversary Silhouette a couple years ago. But the neck has a weird wave/warp that the truss rod can't fix. This is what EB said when I asked about a new neck: "The replacement neck is $1,000.00 + shipping both ways. If the entire guitar is sent, the price includes...
  7. L

    Broken Push-Push Volume Pot on Luke III?

    I bought a secondhand Luke III guitar with the two DiMarzio Transition Humbuckers and the preamp boost on the volume pot and, after playing around for just a week, the volume push-push pot seems to be broken. It worked flawlessly before, and now some mechanism seems to be broken so that it can't...
  8. V

    Morse Y2D | Standard v Drop Tune | Pickup Question

    Hi All, Firstly, apologies if the title of this thread is a bit confusing. I will try to be as clear as possible with words that follow: I have a Morse Y2D and it's a great guitar in terms of ergonomics - love the body, bridge design, and the neck. For the longest time, I'd strung it up in...
  9. I

    Best place for Music Man service in Toronto/north of Toronto area?

    I have an old Axis Sport that I want to service. Previous owner made a number of mods and I am failing at getting things to the point that I like them. I'm 3 hours north of Toronto but willing to travel to get the guitar into the right hands for one last try at getting results I like before I...
  10. moleng1

    New Canadian Member

    Hey All, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from Vancouver, B.C. Canada and last week bought my first EBMM guitar, a 2018 Cutlass RS SSS, what a beautiful guitar!! Having never owned an EBMM before I was blown away by the build, sound and attention to detail on these guitars!! Then this...
  11. W

    Help: Picking too low?

    Hi guys, just received my first Music Man - a JPXI. Stellar guitar and I would like to preserve it as much as possible, however, I feel like I might be picking too low and hitting the pickups or perhaps even the body of the guitar - is the paint prone to being scraped by a pick? How would I go...
  12. SpeakingToStone

    Just a lament on buying, selling, and ethics

    Has anyone else noticed the remarkable price-gouging folks are doing with used EB/MMs? I don't mind folks making money when they can, but there used to be a clear sense of ethics among musicians. We wanted to help one another, especially when selling gear. It used to be almost a family thing. If...
  13. A

    I want to buy a guitar

    I want to learn playing guitar. Can you please suggest me the best one for newbie? is any one want to sell a old one in Luton, Uk.
  14. DrKev

    Silly guitar things that we do

    I'm wondering about our silly things that we do with our guitars, things that we can spend a large amount of time on compared to the difference it makes to our tone or playing. I can spend hours adjusting the humbucker screw poles. Maybe I like the slots to line up, or maybe the zig zag / \ / \...
  15. A

    JPM - Help - Concern about scrathes on the body

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am in negotiations to buy a 2005 JP6, but the guitar have some details and scratches on the body. Do you guys think this is something that I should be concerned or is it just painting details? The guy told me that this is just about painting, and...
  16. S

    Majesty fret buzz

    I purchased the Majesty back in June and I've been tweaking the action via truss rod adjustment in bridge height for some time now. I can't seem to obtain the same action that I have on my Ibanez prestige without fret buzz. I do admit that I try to obtain a pretty low action at .040 but it is...
  17. B

    Brite Sounding Majesty

    I recently purchased a Purple Majesty from where I work and customer service was very kind and sent the updated Preamp and Electronics but kept the original Pickups. I have noticed when playing this guitar live , It sounds very Bright, Thin and Brittle compared to my Les Pauls and EVH. I'm...
  18. S

    NGD: Dustin Kensrue StringRay

    I am honestly still in a bit of shock that I now own this guitar. I remember seeing the MM/Dustin video a few years ago and being blown away by it. I am a huge Thrice fan, but I've haven't/wouldn't buy a signature just because of an artist I like... I would have to the love the guitar first and...
  19. L

    Finally some photos of my 2004 RR JP6

    So all the work on the house is now finished and I thought I'd take some photos of my 2004 MM JP6 Radiance Red limited edition. I remember coming on here before Xmas last year and you guys convinced me to but it. It is a beautiful guitar and my dreams came true when I picked her up in January...
  20. S

    My neighbor’s EVH

    I was talking to my neighbor about Edward and he told me that he has an old EVH guitar under his bed. He let me borrow it for about a month and it is so incredible. My neighbor is not a player, but rather a super huge fan of Van Halen. He bought this guitar in the 90s on a whim and just simply...
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