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  1. T

    Music Man Bongo 5 HS+piezo

    Hi Bass Gang! I have a Music Man Bongo 5 HS+piezo. I just replaced the PCB pre-amp assembly with a new one (old one was fried from a previous owner trying to unsuccessfully replace the pickups). The pickups are now factory/stock. I'm confident all the colour coded wire connections are soldered...
  2. M

    String Spacing on EBMM Valentine

    Hi friends! New to the forum and a recent EBMM convert. I have a Stingray RS and a Valentine and was thinking about another JValentine because the neck is TOO comfortable. If I got a second, I’d swap the bridge for a humbucker and the neck for a p90 but does anyone know the string spacing I...
  3. PeterVV

    Valentine Pickups

    I am toying with the idea of swapping out the bridge for a HSP90. Has anyone done this, and does anyone know what the reading is of the standard pickups ( the single coil and humbucker )?
  4. G

    Couldn't leave well enough alone: A tale of modding a 2020 Luke

    Modding advanced electronics on a 2020 MM Luke I could write an essay on this project, but I'll try to keep it short. Outside I didn't quite dig the hardware colour (the chrome plastic looks cheap IMHO), so I switched the tremolo arm, switch tip, knobs, and tuner buttons as a little nod to the...
  5. I

    Axis Sport questions - routing and wiring

    I'm wondering about the old Axis Sport models. I'm on the lookout for one and I have a few questions. 1) Can anyone tell me if the SSS models are routed for a bridge humbucker or if it's just the HSS models? 2)If I wanted to change the pickups, does anyone know if single coils have to be...
  6. F

    silhouette for jazz & country?

    Hi, how versatile is the standard Silhouette configuration? I'm looking for a practice guitar that can handle country and jazz (and whatever in between :) ). Would you recommend changing pickups or wiring? For the latter, I mean, e.g. in my Hamer Centaura I have installed a push-pull to split...
  7. S

    Help: Silhouette Special Humbucker Connections

    I snipped the wires of my humbucker on the switch, leaving 4 little bits of colored wire on the switch. I have another DiMarzio pickup to put in. Then I went to strip the little bits of colored outside and the wires pulled off the switch. It has one of those super switches with the 4 poles and...
  8. V

    SBMM S.U.B Ray4 HH 5-way toggle switch?

    Hello, While watching a review for a SBMM S.U.B. Ray4 HH I've stumbled upon this comment: "This is a great bass but it is never in double humbucker mode. It gives you the rear humbucker in full and the front pickups inside coil. The actual HH music man gives you both in full." So now I'm...
  9. phuong112

    NGD: Cutlass HSS

    Just sharing the joy I have for this guitar. I have owned two EBMM's guitar prior to this one. A Valentine and a Cutlass, both moved on for one reason or another, but this one is a keeper. It does just about everything well. The humbucker screams with the heavy channel of my Mesa Triple Crown...
  10. B

    Question: Cutlass HSS Humbucker vs. StingRay Bridge Humbucker Output

    Does anybody know how the output level compares between the Cutlass HSS humbucker and the bridge humbucker on a StingRay? I have a StingRay, and am interested in adding a Cutlass. The StingRay has a "medium-vintage" level, but I want to make sure the Cutlass doesn't have something that kicks a...
  11. A

    Question: Cutlass RS HSS Piackup swap

    Hi I was wondering, since the humbucker slot in the cutlass rs hss is more like a square shape, would it be a hassle if I were to put in a regular humbucker like Dreamcatcher™ Bridge | DiMarzio for example. Would it fit right there? Is it a regular size? Thanks
  12. D


    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a lefty LUKE II from the UK. Nice guitar indeed but with a few weak points, at least from my point of view. So far I had experienced a very tough time trying to deal with the EMG 85 that comes in the bridge: it's a very strong pickup, with a lot of signal...
  13. W

    Question: Humbucker Bridge Pickup in Cutlass HSS vs Stingray - Are they different?

    Hello, I'm very new to EB MM guitars, and just got my first Cutlass SSS, a 2017 Charcoal Frost which I've fallen in love with. Think I'll be selling my Strat now. I'd really like to add an EB MM that has a humbucker in the bridge, and was wondering if the pickup is different between the...
  14. S

    Question: Issues about the sound of my bass

    Hi there, this is my first Musicman Stingray bass. So i am sorry if my newbie questions are irrellevant. :) The bass is 2015 made Stingray with HH setup and 4 strings. Ash body and Alnico pickups. I bought it as a used instrument couple of days ago. After setting up and changing the new...
  15. gitapik

    Silo Special Silent Circuit Alternatves

    Thinking of abandoning the silent circuit on my HSS Silo Special and either putting two silent single coils in there or getting a new HH faceplate and putting another humbucker in the neck. It’s important that I eliminate the hum. Got two Lollar Blackfaces and a Tyler Special in the bridge...

    Question: Anyone convert their Cutlass to 2 HB?

    I'm loading up another pickguard for my Cutlass. I've got a set of Dimarzio transition pups wired to split coil on a 2 knob set up i'm trying to see if i can get loaded into a new pg. Any input on where the neck pup should be located (measurement), etc? I'm not too concerned with opening the...
  17. nervous

    Axis Sport HSS Replacement Pickup Set

    I hate to ask this but my research comes up so muddled and confused I thought I'd try this route. I have an older Axis Sport that came to me wired as a Tele. I have a newer dual humbucker Axis SS that is teh first guitar that I have had no desire to change anything on and that makes me happy...
  18. S

    Coil splitting Cutlass HSS humbucker in position 2

    I know that the Cutlass HB is a it bright on it's own, but I wonder if tapping the humbucker when switching to the between pickup setting will make give it a bit more of that classic Strat position 2 quackery that we all know and love. Has anyone tried this?
  19. ericdbourassa

    Musicman Cutlass RS Video Review with Sound Clips

    Hey guys, I didn't find a lot of videos specifically on the Cutlass RS model, so I made one- Musicman Cutlass RS Guitar Review - YouTube Sound clips of clean and lead playing in all positions. Hope it is helpful to anyone considering this excellent guitar! Eric
  20. M

    Original Cutlass HSS pickup heights

    As of a week ago, I am the happy new owner of a Cutlass HSS RS. I had the guitar set up recently, and I am thinking about adjusting the height of the humbucker (raising it) and was curious what the original/factory settings are (and also where it is typically set relative to the single coils)...
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