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  1. P

    Question: Did Anyone Manage To Get A New L3?

    Hi guys, I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I was just wondering if anyone has managed to get their hands on a new L3 yet? I did try and get one over here in the UK but unfortunately they are all sold and there's no more till next year. If you did managed to get one what's your...
  2. gurtejsingh

    Off Topic: How to dial in the tone for Barstool Warrior on the Axe FX

    Played on the incredible EBMM JP15. Hope this helps some of my friends here :) Cheers and please do let me know if I got somewhere close!
  3. jeffrey

    JP15 owners: side dots hard to see?

    Hey all! I love my JP15 to absolute pieces, I have not been able to put it down since I got it. I do have one super minor issue: black dot side markers on a roasted neck = I can't see anything! lol Has anyone replaced these inlays or come up with a clever solution? I'm considering just...
  4. vexed73

    Shadow gold luke does it come with two trem covers?

    I see most pictures with the signature plate but a few with a plain black one. Does this mean it comes with both or is something shady going on. Lol
  5. vexed73

    New to me bahama Luke day.

    Love this guitar. Luke neck is my neck. Lol
  6. P

    NGD Luke III Boysenberry Burst Flame

    Hi guys, So a funny thing happened on Friday just before I finished work. I was on FB (pretending to work) lol and a pic popped up from my dealer I sometimes go to. I nearly choked on my coffee at this point as I've been waiting for this finish to appear since it was announced at the Namm show...
  7. NikolaK

    L3 neck/middle pickups, clean-ish video ;)

    Hey guys, once again im amazed how good the L3 is, and how "right" it sounds... (at least to me lol) Just fooling around with some clean-ish Atomic AmpliFire Dumble OD model... Hope you`ll like it! :) Atomic AmpliFire Dumble OD special - YouTube
  8. NikolaK

    Luke 3, Bogner, Kemper, video! :)

    Hey guys :) I just did a partial demo of a song for my up coming EP, so i thought it would be cool to share it with u... :) Used mostly neck pickup for this video, and its SWEEEEET! lol Hope u`ll like it, if you do feel free to subscribe! :) Cheers! Nick K "...between You and me" demo, Kemper...
  9. NikolaK

    Morning improv, JP6 video

    Just a quick morning improv on my 2004 JP6... Is it me or the older JPs have something "more" than newer ones? Cant explain, but i have the feeling that older JPs are a bit better (subjectively speaking lol)... I only regret it doesnt have SS frets, then it would be perfect... lol Tnx for...
  10. NikolaK

    JP6 Stealth Pearl anyone?

    Hey guys, didnt find almost any user pic of Stealth Pearl JP6 and im interested in ordering it, do u have some pictures from "real life"? lol TNx
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