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  1. M

    NGD - another Valentine

    My first is the natural, the new one is the powder blue - #43. After getting the natural on a whim I found that it had quickly turned into my favorite for just about any application I found myself in. Eventually, anytime I was playing a guitar in the store I was comparing it to the Valentine I...
  2. L

    Is the Luke 3 for me? I need experienced advice

    Greetings! I’ve been playing nothing but strats for ages until this year when my better half pushed me to get outside my comfort zone. This was during lockdown so I was relegated to internet shopping and settled on- don’t laugh- a Schecter PT SLS. It is definitely different! Thin neck, active...
  3. B

    My introduction to ebmm

    Hi all, Firstly, I'm from Australia, I'm new here, and I'm new to ebmm. It all started during lockdown, here in Oz. I had been watching YouTube videos of Steve Luther and his transition from the LP to the valley arts and finally to the ebmm. I have 1 strat deluxe (or elite, 43mm nut) I...
  4. V

    Opinions on Luke III neck wood grain pattern

    Help me out here: Honest opinion on how this neck looks? This is a brand new 2021 Luke III. Would be getting a good price on it locally. Definitely a "one of its kind", but I'm trying to make up my mind if I like it / am ok with it ... of course it's just about appearance, but still :rolleyes...
  5. L

    Luke III EMG pickup height photo?

    Would anybody be willing to provide a photo of a Luke III with EMG pickups with strings barred at the last fret from the side so that I can compare it to an EMG Luke SL20 set that I have? Just wondering how close Music Man sets these pickups to the strings straight from the factory.
  6. J

    Pricing Question?

    Hey guys, I have a 25th Anniversary Reflex that is pretty much mint, but my Luke HH gets played while the reflex sits in the case. I just like the feel of the Luke for me. My question? What is a good sale price for the reflex? I’ve done some searching but can’t find a good standard pricing...
  7. J


    Hey guys, I have a 25th Anny Reflex and a Luke III. Which Musciman guitar is the smallest overall in the company? My luke is a perfect fit, so much better than my Strat. However, I am coming out of 3 years playing headless guitars that are about 4 lbs and tiny. Just wondering the the smallest...
  8. D

    Luke II Action VS Strat

    Hello, I'm a very happy owner of a Luke II. 2 years ago I installed jumbo frets on it, due to a personal difficult relationship with the original frets. I recently went to my luthier for a setup and I asked him to avoid fret buzzing as much as possible, (the one that upsets me the most is when...
  9. Edgarallan

    Holy grail guitars: Luke Firemist Purple

    Hey guys, I have spent more than an hour just looking at pictures of the Luke III in Firemist purple. Man is that a great color or what? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to order a Musicman in any color they've had before? Like Starry Night for example, another great finish. Now excuse me...
  10. E

    Which EBMM would you got for ?

    Unfortunately the sky high UK prices have stopped my getting a new Axis - I'm not paying £3,849 / $5,389 which equates to 180% of the US prices. Luckily the 2nd hand market has some bargains :). I'm currently looking at a very well priced Luke 2, a pricier Luke #I Anniversary model, a nice...
  11. W

    Luke lll or Majesty, or?

    A Luke lll and a Majesty both look like they could potentially be good choices to be my next guitar, at least I get excited thinking of buying one. My sound? Light rock, country, preferring clean sounds with a bit of reverb and delay now and again but that’s about it. I currently have a...
  12. E

    NGD - Luke I [1997] Pearl Blue

    Just collected this yesterday :D
  13. jptortor

    Cover song video (electric guitars done with Luke II)

    Here is a video my band did all recorded remotely over quarantine. The electric guitars are all the Luke II. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - A Covid Cover Tribute to Klaatu - YouTube
  14. K

    Luke NOT playing a Luke!

    Toto - With A Little Help From My Friends: Toto - With A Little Help From My Friends (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  15. S

    Pickups in parallel on Luke 3?

    I would like to add a second push/push to my Luke 3 hss to be able to use the bridge humbucker in parallel. Mainly to get even more versatility and better cleans from the bridge pickup. So I´d love to hear if anybody has done the same or know if it´s possible? It´s not one of the new Luke 3´s...
  16. V

    Luke Lime Gold Refin!

    Thanks to Pat Wilkins for a great refin on my Luke! A couple of years ago, my wife bought me a Luke II, which I was surprised by as I already had a few. "Well, I knew you liked them..." she said. I didn't really like the color to be honest, so it stayed mostly unplayed, but on impulse I sent it...
  17. C

    Sterling Luke Pickups really squealing - help

    HI, I just got in my Sterling Luke with the 2 Silver pickups in it. I am having an issue with it squealing sitting in front of my studio monitors and using my amp. I am not playing very distorted or too loud but I am getting alot of this at mid level volume. I am trying to figure out why its...
  18. I

    NEW LUKE III HH tremolo setup/tuning

    Hello again, I've just received my new Luke III HH, I'm a little concerned about the tremolo and the tuning. Every time I use the tremolo, even if I just touch a little the arm, the guitar go slighty out of tune :( The tremolo is factory setup (see image attached) Maybe the strings are too...
  19. I

    NEW LUKE III HH question

    HI all! This my new beauty and glorious LUKE III HH Its gorgeous! :) I just would like to know if someone can give me some advice about the cleaning of these guitars, I mean with this particular finish... Thank you very much!
  20. GWDavis28

    Woah new Luke III Vault Drop!!!

    Saw this and thought wow. Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HSS Gasoline Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HH Gasoline Glenn |B)
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