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  1. K

    Help me decide: EBMM JP6 Mystic Dream or EBMM Majesty 7 Kinetic Blue!

    Greetings, I am blessed with the opportunity to acquire (hopefully my last, but I said that last time!) one more JP guitar, after I recently got an excellent deal on a mint JP12. The options are a JP6 in Mystic Dream, or a Majesty 7 in Kinetic Blue. Both are brand new- yes, I could hardly...
  2. N

    Help: Majesty Artisan Battery Compartment Issue

    Greetings folks, I am hoping someone will be able to advise me on an issue I am having with my Majesty Artisan. I purchased the guitar in Fall 2016 from Guitar Center. I am having an issue with the guitar's battery compartment. The left front AA battery feels extremely loose to the point where...
  3. Z

    Help: wiring Sterling majesty 100

    Hi, your are my salvation: i have bought a sterling majesty 100 2018 and i enjoy it :) but i already have dimarzios crunchlab and liquifire on other axe and i want to upgrade this SBMM . i use to change myself my pickup but here i have a the problem ,i don't find anything about the modern...
  4. J

    Mag pickups breaking up at full volume

    I’ve got a Majesty 6 which I’ve owned since new in 2015. It’s always had a higher output compared to my other guitars but I’ve noticed that lately when I strum harder when using the mags, the sound is breaking up and it’s very noticeable on clean sounds. I thought it was the batteries but these...
  5. K

    Help choosing my third (and final?) EBMM JP guitar

    Good day! Well, as the title states, I am currently in the process of selecting one more EBMM JP guitar to add to my collection. I have saved up a lot of money over the last few years and as I leave late teen-hood for adulthood and the world of work, I want to treat myself. I currently own a...
  6. P

    Question: JP6 BFR 2011 Spec

    Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I'm just after some info regarding a 2011 JP6 BFR I might have the chance to buy. Does anyone know the full spec of that years model? I know it's an alder body with a mahogany tone block and a mahogany neck and has the Crunch lab and Liquifire pickups in. I...
  7. Lax

    Help: Need chrome majesty bridge cover

    Hi, 2 minutes after getting officially my majesty monarchy as a birthday present, i tried the whammy bar and when i removed it, it chipped the bridge's cover...leaving an ugly iron part visible. I glued back the chip and now I need a new bridge shield. What is the way to do, knowing I'm in...
  8. K

    [NGD] EBMM JPXI-7 Black Onyx!

    After much deliberation, I finally decided on my first 7-string and second EBMM guitar: the JPXI-7! I have heard wonderful things about this guitar and chiefly its 20' neck radius and I cannot wait to try it out when I get home from work. The serial code suggests this was produced in 2015, but...
  9. J

    Question: What to do with the nut when going to heavier gauge and back?

    Hi! A while ago I was learning a song in D standard and I decided to change the gauge of my Majesty RP from .10 to .11. Everything was going well until I noticed that the 5th string was too wide for the nut slot so I aborted and changed back to .10. Now I'm learning a song in drop C and I...
  10. Lax

    NGD : Majesty Monarchy

    I can't believe after so many years longing, I finally have a majesty for my 40th birthday ! And one of my favorite colors :) It's hard to find in europe and second hand is a risky business but I took the risk... Btw, my boss wl-50 wireless works with it ! To all wonderers. Cheers!
  11. K

    I just ordered a EBMM JPXI-7- what am I in for?

    Haha, as the title goes! I have been deliberating for months over which EBMM model to get next. I'm not convinced that was enough thinking time but availability is super limited and they sell like hotcakes. I currently play a JP15 Cerulean Paradise, my first EBMM guitar, and a SBMM Majesty ICR...
  12. N

    Majesty 8 String

    Majesty 8 | Guitars | Ernie Ball Music Man
  13. K

    Help: JPXI-7 BFR Onyx vs JP15-7 BFR Eminence Purple

    Greetings! I am looking to buy my first 7-string guitar, and of course, it's gotta be a Ball... I currently own a JP15 6 string in Cerulean Paradise but it has a roasted maple fingerboard, whereas the BFR has ebony, so they are different enough to justify owning two of those models. I select...
  14. P

    Question: Anyone Own A JP15 And A JP6 20th Anniversary?

    Hi guys, I hope you are all well. As some of you know I own a few Music Man's. A JP15, Axis SS, Majesty and some L3's also. I've owned my JP15 for a couple of years now and I have to admit after buying a Majesty and the L3's I definitely prefer the slimmer neck. The JP15 just seems a bit wide...
  15. S

    Majesty fret buzz

    I purchased the Majesty back in June and I've been tweaking the action via truss rod adjustment in bridge height for some time now. I can't seem to obtain the same action that I have on my Ibanez prestige without fret buzz. I do admit that I try to obtain a pretty low action at .040 but it is...
  16. B

    Brite Sounding Majesty

    I recently purchased a Purple Majesty from where I work and customer service was very kind and sent the updated Preamp and Electronics but kept the original Pickups. I have noticed when playing this guitar live , It sounds very Bright, Thin and Brittle compared to my Les Pauls and EVH. I'm...
  17. S

    Help: Missing whammy bar tension screw on Majesty?

    I got myself a Majesty a few months back and not long after I had got it I was adjusting the tension screw that keeps the whammy bar from dangling. Next thing I knew the tension screw was gone. I must have screwed it in too much and I think it fell out. I tried searching for it but it was...
  18. S

    Strap locks for Majesty

    Looking to install stap locks on my new Majesty and want something with a direct fit. Any recommendations? Dunlop? Schaller? Obviously don't want to deal with either drilling or wood fill with a $3700 guitar.
  19. J

    Off Topic: Majesty 2021 Hydrospace

    Since the new models were announced I wanted to get my hands on a Majesty Hydrospace. Sadly, due to corona the supply in Europe has been limited. So after a few months it is finally here! It feels and plays pretty much like the Purple Nebula but this finish is just amazing. I just wanted to...
  20. W

    Luke lll or Majesty, or?

    A Luke lll and a Majesty both look like they could potentially be good choices to be my next guitar, at least I get excited thinking of buying one. My sound? Light rock, country, preferring clean sounds with a bit of reverb and delay now and again but that’s about it. I currently have a...
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