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  1. V

    Music Man 25th Anniversary

    Hello all! I have a Music Man 25th Anniversary that I bought new in .. I guess it was 2009 or so. I love the guitar and probably have thousands of hours on it. Heres the issue... It has been making a squeaking noise when I use the term or bend the G,B, or D string. It also won't stay in tune...
  2. A

    Music Man Bass truss rod damaged fretboard area.

    Hi all I have a Music Man Bass on the bench and the truss rod has pushed through and cracked the top of the fret board area. I have removed the loose and broken area and will replace that but... I can find no images of the truss rod for this area. Lots of images of the far end of the truss rod...
  3. C

    Help: Ernie Ball Axis Ex?

    I have an ernie ball music man. It has no neckplate and no headstock markings other than Ernie ball music man. I e never seen one with no neckplate and it has a 4 hole neck. Anyone have any info on something like this? Having a hard time uploading pictures. Sorry
  4. C

    Axis Super Sport: Feasible to replace EBMM hardtail with EBMM trem?

    Hello good people, My Axis Super Sport (attached) get me 95% of everything I need tone-wise, feel, weight, and visually. It is the best guitar I have owned since 1984, and probably always be. BUT, the 5% I am missing is what my other Axis Super Sports had... the "Music Man® vintage tremolo"...
  5. P

    Replace or not replace?

    First time posting here. Bear with me. So I got a Luke III a few weeks ago and I’m addicted to Music Mans now, especially the 1 5/8” roasted neck. Current line up is Eastman SB59/v, PRS 594, PRS Cu24, HSS Pro Stratocaster, Luke III. I want a tele and another Music Man. Not sure what other...
  6. D

    Question: Silo3 SSS Pickguard template

    Hello guys, Can someone tell me where can I find SSS configuration pickguard for my Sterling by Music Man Silo3 or Silhouette Special...? And if someone already have it can you send it to me on my email: [email protected] I am located in Serbia and we don't have such a frequent...
  7. K

    E for Ernie Ball or M for Music Man..?

    Maybe a stupid and unimportant question; but if you were to sort or list your guitars alphabetically, would you put your EBMM guitars under E for Ernie Ball or M for Music Man..? :-)
  8. R

    Hard Shell Case for Majesty?

    Hardshell Case for Majesty? So I've been searching everywhere for a hardshell case that fits the Majesty model with no luck. Emailed Music man customer service, no response at all. Emailed Sterling, they recommended the "Ernie Ball Music Man 5946" which I have yet to see exists, when I asked...
  9. L

    Delay on new (harvest orange) Bongos?

    Ordered a 6 string in harvest orange and was prepared for a six month wait but they just contacted me and said it wouldn’t ship till Jan 2022… Is there that much demand or is my music store blowing smoke where it doesn’t belong? Anyone else experiencing this type of delay (and congrats to...
  10. D


    I've been playing for over 40 years but I just got my first Music Man guitar today! It's a 2018 Cutlass RS HSS. I'm loving it so far!
  11. H

    Help: JP6 issue, where to Get help In Norway?

    Hello! I have a 04 music man jp6 piezo with bad connection In the stereo output. I red some posts and understand this is a common problem(?) Guess the output is so worn from use/twists that this resaults in bad connection(?) I tried calling the big music dealers here In Norway, But can’t Get a...
  12. dav

    No stock music man guitars in France

    Hello !! everyone!! i hope everybody's fine... It's been a long time since i've come here!!! i just wanted to know if some you know why there's is no more stock of music man in France and no previsions to buy a model unless a jp15 for may...:( I wanted to buy a luke III in fushia sparkle but...
  13. W

    Help: Music Man Axis Sport - Truss Rod Won't Loosen

    Greetings, I regret that my first post in this forum is about a technical issue with a MM guitar I just acquired. It is a 2002 Music Man Axis Sport. I took it to my local shop for a condition check and they found out that the truss rod won't loosen, meaning I can't further relieve the neck...
  14. phillybri

    NGD: Sterling Cutlass CT50 in Rose Gold

    I can't say enough about this guitar. The changes they made to the model for 2021 make such an incredible difference! I went into Music Go Round last week, picked it up and was immediately hooked...
  15. bart_funk

    VULFPECK /// Disco Ulysses (JOE's BASS ONLY)

    Here's Joe Dart's isolated Music Man bass. Stay tuned for more! VULFPECK /// Disco Ulysses (JOE's BASS ONLY) - YouTube
  16. D

    Music Man Body Most like the Fender Jaguar

    Greetings all! I was wondering which Music Man model has a body closest to the Jaguar in terms of comfort and how it sits on your leg when playing seated. Looking to buy my first Music Man guitar (fell in love with an Axis neck 16 years ago and still think about it). I have gone through many...
  17. S

    Axis with Pick Guards Yes or No?

    I've been looking at some of these and purchased a pick guard from Pete's shop (DuBaldo Music Center) It's just sitting on the guitar, but they do look pretty different with it.
  18. S

    Second Music Man Finish Crack Disappointment ):

    Second Music Man Neck Joint Finish Crack Disappointment ): Hey guys, I’ve bought this brand new Cutlass Stealth Black and always kept it in my house. Guitar was extremely well taken care of, I love the neck, sound, etc etc... A few days ago I was cleaning it and noticed two finish cracks on...
  19. D

    Question: Music Man Sterling (USA) 2021

    Hi! When will EB release new Music Man Sterling (USA) basses, and which colours? Thanks! (Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask).
  20. banjoplayer

    Massive EBMM content on

    Maybe it was posted before (don´t know), but there is a special about EVH and the development of his signature guitar with Music Man and DiMarzio. Great stories, insights and pictures!
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