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  1. N

    Neck clean tone: AL HH vs Valentine

    Just curious how folks compare the Valentine neck clean to the AL HH's. I have an AL HH, I've not played a Valentine, but they intrigue the hell out of me. A lot of people have written about the bridge tones, but the most important position for me on a guitar is getting the neck clean tone.
  2. jptortor

    Cutlass Neck shape?

    Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been in the market for a new music man and lots has changed! I'm really looking for a nice S type guitar and I came looking at the silhouette special but now think the cutlass SSH might be a great choice. I have over time come to like slightly fatter...
  3. A

    Question: EB/MM Customer Service

    Hello! One month ago my beloved Valentine had an accident. I leant it against my amp and it slipped right into the metal edges of said amp and left a scratch in the back of the neck. I was totally heartbroken. Since this is my number one guitar I would like to get it fixed by the fabulous...
  4. P

    Can I skip the oil and wax treatment on the neck? Does anyone do that?

    I used wood floor cleaner on my neck and took all dirt away. Then used 1500 and then 5000 grit sandpaper on the neck. Now it is smooth and glass-like shiny. I love this feel. Can I skip the oil and wax treamtment? Does anyone do that?
  5. B

    My introduction to ebmm

    Hi all, Firstly, I'm from Australia, I'm new here, and I'm new to ebmm. It all started during lockdown, here in Oz. I had been watching YouTube videos of Steve Luther and his transition from the LP to the valley arts and finally to the ebmm. I have 1 strat deluxe (or elite, 43mm nut) I...
  6. S

    Does $1000 sound right for a new neck?

    I picked a really cheap 20th anniversary Silhouette a couple years ago. But the neck has a weird wave/warp that the truss rod can't fix. This is what EB said when I asked about a new neck: "The replacement neck is $1,000.00 + shipping both ways. If the entire guitar is sent, the price includes...
  7. J

    Upgrade question for my 1995 StingRay5

    Wondering what sort of upgrade/refurbish work people are doing to older basses. I have a 1995 StingRay5. Pickups have rust on the heads, but still sounds great. Neck has years of sweat stains but plays very well. Could use a fret job I suppose.
  8. V

    Opinions on Luke III neck wood grain pattern

    Help me out here: Honest opinion on how this neck looks? This is a brand new 2021 Luke III. Would be getting a good price on it locally. Definitely a "one of its kind", but I'm trying to make up my mind if I like it / am ok with it ... of course it's just about appearance, but still :rolleyes...
  9. M

    String Spacing on EBMM Valentine

    Hi friends! New to the forum and a recent EBMM convert. I have a Stingray RS and a Valentine and was thinking about another JValentine because the neck is TOO comfortable. If I got a second, I’d swap the bridge for a humbucker and the neck for a p90 but does anyone know the string spacing I...
  10. P

    Question: JP6 BFR 2011 Spec

    Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I'm just after some info regarding a 2011 JP6 BFR I might have the chance to buy. Does anyone know the full spec of that years model? I know it's an alder body with a mahogany tone block and a mahogany neck and has the Crunch lab and Liquifire pickups in. I...
  11. D

    Serial numbers incorrect on a JP?

    Hi all, I've had several JP guitars in the past, so I'm quite familiar with them, how they should look, feel, sound, etc. Well, I got a used JP15, sahara burst quilt, from guitar center. It's like-new condition, it's gorgeous. It looks, sounds and feels like a jp15 should. My issue is this...
  12. N

    Do "Majesty 7" guitars have different neck sizes?

    *Apologies for my clunky google translator english* Hey folks, I yesterday was about to buy the "Majesty 7 Hydrospace". So I went to a music store and played it for some while when I found out, it's neck is a little thicker than the neck of the "Majesty 7 Red Sunrise". The store only had...
  13. P

    Question: SBMM neck plate screws

    Hi, I purchased a used SBMM Cutlass. One of the neck plate screws was snapped off and glued in place - a bit of a surprise for me, the others show some wear. I contacted SBMM for help they informed me that the screws are the following: 1.5mm threading and are 44mm long with a 8mm head SBMM...
  14. P

    Neck shapes

    I have owned and continue to own several EBMM guitars. Including st Vincent, Cutlass, Albert Lee, Mariposa. I just recently picked up a 2021 sterling Cutlass ct50 HSS... I have never owned a Sterling model before, but was curious. One of the big differences I immediately noticed was that the...
  15. J

    NGD - BFR Sabre

    I was impressed with the Sabre when it first came out, and I heard the demos. Then, they dropped the Coral Blue BFR with the rosewood neck, and that did it for me. Just arrived today. I threw it on my Pocket GT (moving, so my amp is in storage) with some headphones, and it sounds fantastic out...
  16. D

    Neck Pickup Suggestions: SBMM Valentine

    I just got a SBMM Valentine. I love the guitar but the neck pickup just doesnt suit me. I find it a bit muddy. Thinking about swapping it out. First, anyone familiar with the process and have any recommended pickups?
  17. A

    My telecaster will be taking the back seat

    Just received my first music man. Coming from a American tele this feels like it’s in another class. The valentine quality parts, build level, neck, and versatile pickups keep me from wanting to pick up anything else. iPhone photos don’t do the finish justice. Love the Tobacco Sparkle.
  18. S

    Help me navigate the various EBMM neck profiles

    Hi there, In recent months I’ve been looking for a guitar that’s really easy to play. Over that time, I’ve played a few EBMM guitars and I love the finish on the necks. I also love the 1 5/8 nut width. Right now I have a Music Zoo Axis in purple quilt with roasted flamed neck at my studio...
  19. K

    Question for eb era musicman Sabre or Sabre classic owners

    So I’m trying to figure out if the original owner of the 84 Sabre I have had switched out all the electronics or just a lot of them. Has anyone here seen what the neck pickup for a Sabre looks like under the pick guard? A small description could help here. Springs or no springs, open back...
  20. A

    Question: [majesty] Cracks on neck

    Hi, I've Majesty Artisan from 2016 (bought it new from Sweetwater) and noticed that lacquer started to crack on the neck, close to the body. Guitar is used everyday, but was never dropped and I generally take very good care of it. This is how it looks like: Is this something I should be...
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