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  1. I

    Help: Stingray II Bass 1977. Is it original?

    Guys hello....what u think about this one? is it original? i thought that stingray 2 was the guitar model not bass. S/n 339188-225 Photos
  2. H

    Stingray fake sold as Original

    I came across the other day an at on offerup a pawn shop that sold a left handed stingray. 1000 dollar got me interested so I went to check it out it has the original head decals front and back but the hardware is clearly some olp product. I ask in another forum and they also saw it's a fake. I...
  3. danielbravo

    Maintenance and change of the Coil Tape on an Humbucker; some advice and guide please

    Hello I'm planning doing some maintenance on my axis. Among all the things to do one that I never have do is: change the coil tape on the humbuckers. I have thought that placing a new tape over the original one that is somewhat deteriorated is enough. I have read that trying to peel off the...
  4. waltschwarzkopf

    Is this an original MM Axis?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an Axis guitar, preferably an original EBMM, but there are not many locally. I found on the local classified one that could be an original, but I'm not sure; hence I need your help identifying it. I've been wanting one for years, but I could never found one in my price...
  5. D

    Sterling HS Bridge Pickup conection

    Hi, just i buy a Nordstrand MM4.3 to remplace my dead humbucker in my sterling, but this one have 4 cables and the original only 3. The original have Black red & green and the Nordstrand have black, red green and white.. now idea how to conect the white one. need some help, tHANKS Regards
  6. I

    Wiring advice HSS Axis

    Hello. After a long search I recently managed to score a 1997 HSS axis sport. The original owner changed the pick ups to injectors and a transition. I really dislike the tone. I don’t know if it’s the way they wired it or if it’s just that I don’t like the pickups. It’s too dark. I had a...
  7. K

    Wondering about the sabres original pickup lever?

    Was the original Sabre pickup lever a three way lever or a four way lever? That is was top, middle both and bottom bottom? Or was it one of those that can split coils and stuff! Restoring a Sabre and wondering!
  8. O

    WTB: Pickup for Sabre II

    Someone did a hack-job replacement of the front pickup of this original Sabre II. I want to restore it to it's former glory. Anyone have an original pickup for it? If not, what is the closest I can come to the original?
  9. Vadauco

    Question: JPXI with a black toggle switch: can it be original?

    This dude has a JPXI for sale, but the magnetic 3-way switch is black. It looks like it was replaced, but he says it's 100% original. He also says he's the sole owner, and it's one of the first JPXI guitars made. Can this be original? :confused:
  10. S

    Question: Albert Lee HH pickup switch question

    Hello forum; I wonder if someone has replaced the stock super switch PU selector with another brand? The stock switch on mine has become so easy, to roll over the stops. that it's difficult to set unless I'm zeroing in while playing. I think I'm ready to try an alternative because just...
  11. roburado

    GAS for Majesty. Am I nuts?

    So, yeah. We all know how the GAS goes. As you can see if you check my sig, I've got a few JPs: original JP6 (no options), BFR JP6 (original version), Dargie 2 JP6, and JP13 7-String. Thinking of letting my original BFR JP6 and/or Dargie 2 go in support of a future Majesty purchase. So...
  12. R

    No serial number stingray old.....

    I have an old stingray with 5101 on the bridge , who can help with age etc and potential resale if all original hardware etc
  13. R

    What pickups came in the 2003 Axis?

    I've owned about five Axises and five EVHs. My understanding is that the Axis has the identical, proprietary DiMarzios (zebra pattern) that came in the EVH models. Long ago a buddy's EVH's bridge pickup died and EBMM wouldn't let him buy a new one until he sent them his dead one. I bought an...
  14. M

    Question: What’s happening with Steve Morse (and a few questions)?

    I recently noticed on the EBMM website that it lists both the original Morse and the Y2D as “discontinued” (technically the colors, but they only list one color for each). Are those guitars going away? A new Morse coming out? Also, I have the original Morse model. I have the trapeze bridge...
  15. A

    Axis Floyd very stiff

    Hello all - I have a 2017 Axis purchased new in 2017 (10 year anniversary gift from my awesome wife - I picked the guitar). My only frustration is the difficulty doing dives. It has 2 springs at the 1 and 4 positions. The go straight across instead of angled to the 2 and 3. I tried backing...
  16. Axis Sport

    NGD: 99 Black Axis with optional pickguard

    I picked up this today, 99 Axis with factory cream pickguard. Been a little while since I had an Axis, nice guitar and plays and sound great as they all do. Has a FU-TONE FU2 Tremolo with big block, but the original bridge came with the guitar. Super happy with this one. Has some rash on the...
  17. xjbebop

    The mysterious "Custom Made" AL...

    *this is a follow up to my original thread about this guitar - This was listed on Reverb a few weeks ago, and the first thing that caught my eye was the maple neck/rosewood F/B combination. Sparked my curiosity, to...
  18. 2

    Question: Info on 1999 EBMM ASS MM90 w/Piezo

    Greetings EBMM people, I've been poking the Interwebs for information on my 1999 Axis Super Sport MM90 with piezos, there doesn't seem to be too many of these around and very little information on them. Aside from the specifics on control usage, I'd also like to get an idea of what the...
  19. C

    verify original of string copy

    Hello friends, can you help me please? I'd like to recognize the original ernieball strings from the copy. Inside the package I see it has a serial number but I don't know the page to enter it and verify if it is an original string Thanks!!!
  20. M

    Urgently in need of piezo saddles for ebmm luke 2.

    Hi, everyone! Thank you for letting me in and for reading this post. I have a Luke II with piezo. Recently, two of the saddles went kaput and, much to my dismay, support at EBMM tell me that I need to buy the whole set of new saddles made by Fishman PLUS the preamp system (oh, yeah... I need...
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