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  1. T

    Music Man Bongo 5 HS+piezo

    Hi Bass Gang! I have a Music Man Bongo 5 HS+piezo. I just replaced the PCB pre-amp assembly with a new one (old one was fried from a previous owner trying to unsuccessfully replace the pickups). The pickups are now factory/stock. I'm confident all the colour coded wire connections are soldered...
  2. Z

    Help: wiring Sterling majesty 100

    Hi, your are my salvation: i have bought a sterling majesty 100 2018 and i enjoy it :) but i already have dimarzios crunchlab and liquifire on other axe and i want to upgrade this SBMM . i use to change myself my pickup but here i have a the problem ,i don't find anything about the modern...
  3. K

    Pickup height adjustment questions

    So I’m hacking it alone on this 84 Sabre with pre eb Sabre pickups, and I’m wondering how much difference does like 1/32 make in terms of sound. Like will the bass response be better? Will the bass knob be stronger or something? I’m not sure, or is it just a volume and balance thing where the...
  4. S

    De-mudding a St. Vincent HHH: Step 1

    Background: I think the Dimarzio DP-168s and DP-198 in the HHH St. V are much too dark. I'm trying to find pickup/electronics that work better for me, as I really like the guitar otherwise. There are undoubtedly smarter ways to go about this task than what I'm doing, but here we are. So my...
  5. K

    Pre-eb Sabre pickup height!

    Anyone know what the pre eb Sabre pickup height is supposed to be?
  6. D

    Neck Pickup Suggestions: SBMM Valentine

    I just got a SBMM Valentine. I love the guitar but the neck pickup just doesnt suit me. I find it a bit muddy. Thinking about swapping it out. First, anyone familiar with the process and have any recommended pickups?
  7. K

    Need help IDing some pickups, they look like old Sabre bridge pickups

    So I got my 84 Sabre with all pre-Ernie ball electronics now cause someone basically took all the original stuff out, it has an 83 pre-amp, and two 1979 pickups! It sounds amazingly good, one of the best sounding basses I’ve heard if not the best! So the bridge pickup before I replaced it...
  8. danny-79

    Stolen. If seen please let me know

    Ok so this belongs to a working musician I know. Tool of the trade stolen. If anyone in the UK sees this floating about please let me know so I can forward information to owner. Copy/paste from band page. Pls SHARE/RT! On July 17th we played the Marvellous Festival in Wokingham. A week after...
  9. K

    Question for eb era musicman Sabre or Sabre classic owners

    So I’m trying to figure out if the original owner of the 84 Sabre I have had switched out all the electronics or just a lot of them. Has anyone here seen what the neck pickup for a Sabre looks like under the pick guard? A small description could help here. Springs or no springs, open back...
  10. B

    Stingray Special Covering the neck pup with a H guard

    Hello! I bought a stingray special HH and really have no use for the neck pickup…can I just swap the HH pick guard with an H pick guard and cover the neck pickup with it without damaging that neck pickup? Silly question, I just don’t want to damage the bass. Thanks!
  11. K

    Pre Ernie ball Sabre owners: are the bridge and neck pickup interchangeable

    They look identical. I bought a pickup for my 84 Sabre but me and the person who sold it for me are trying to figure out which one of the two pickups he has are the bridge pickup. I was wondering if the pre Ernie ball sabres pickups are interchangeable or identical to one another or if there’s...
  12. EAROSE

    Help: Pickup switch location

    Just purchased my first EB Sterling. I cannot find any other information about my problem. The pickup switch is placed right in the strumming path. I am hitting it constantly or racking my knuckles to avoid it. Support: move it or get a smaller one. Thats fine but any thoughts on doing it?
  13. F

    Question: Old Smoothie: Is there more to it?

    Hello all. First post here. I read a story about the origins of the Old Smoothie on the Wildwood Guitars website. It made it seem as if all Leo Fender had to do was create a 10 pole pickup for a 4 string bass - where the poles landed inbetween the strings - and Sterling Ball was a happy man. Is...
  14. tbonesullivan

    Tim Commerford Special Run Stingray with Adjustable Ramp

    Well, just saw this on instagram. It's got the classic bridge with mutes, comes in both long and short scale, as well as active and passive. Limited to 50 of each configuration. That ramp is pretty sweet. It's pretty much a dummy pickup that can be adjusted in all for corners. Ernie Ball Music...
  15. S

    How the StingRay HH should have been

    Saw this thread on talkbass which I thought was quite interesting saying how the StingRay HH would be better if the neck pickup was moved closer to the bridge pickup, and I think it's a pretty good idea. They said this would instantly solve two of the main issues people have with the HH: -...
  16. F

    Help: Pickup swap

    I have a 2009 Luke HSS with EMG pickups. I would like to swap out those pickups with the Fender American Pro-II HSS V-Mod pickups. I noticed that the pickup base plates on the Fender single coils have a pointed front edge. The Luke's single coil EMG's are I guess eliptical. It doesn't look like...
  17. Ninemile

    Advice needed for adding single coil to MM90s

    HI all, I'm considering installing a middle single coil to my Axis Sport with MM90's. I'm hoping to get a couple more tones by doing it as well as pickup up a hint of the 2 and 4 position sounds that you get from a traditional 3 single coil setup. Any recommendations for a pickup to use...
  18. D

    EBMM EVH Bridge Pickup Issues

    I've had this EVH model since I bought it new in '95 (made in last month of production). From day one I absolutely loved the pickups! I had a Les Paul prior to this and a few other lesser guitars, but I had never had one that could pound out some heaviness, but at the same time keep things...
  19. G

    Couldn't leave well enough alone: A tale of modding a 2020 Luke

    Modding advanced electronics on a 2020 MM Luke I could write an essay on this project, but I'll try to keep it short. Outside I didn't quite dig the hardware colour (the chrome plastic looks cheap IMHO), so I switched the tremolo arm, switch tip, knobs, and tuner buttons as a little nod to the...
  20. O

    WTB: Pickup for Sabre II

    Someone did a hack-job replacement of the front pickup of this original Sabre II. I want to restore it to it's former glory. Anyone have an original pickup for it? If not, what is the closest I can come to the original?
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