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  1. T

    Call for PDN 2014 "Neptune blue" lovers!

    To me, one of the best PDN runs EVER! This is my favourite guitar, a Luke 3... "Neptune blue", of course! Helix enciclopedia #1 US Princess (Fender® Princeton Reverb) - Free Helix patch - No speech! MM Luke - YouTube
  2. vinniemallet

    NGD (w/ Playthrough Video) - Music Man JP13-7 & Music Man Majesty 7

    Happy new year everyone! To celebrate me and André released a new guitar playthrough of our last single "Cage of Innocence". We both acquired this guitars very recently. I'm using a Music Man JP13-7 with BKP Aftermath and André a Music Man Majesty 7 with BKP Juggernauts! Stream and...
  3. gurtejsingh

    Off Topic: How to dial in the tone for Barstool Warrior on the Axe FX

    Played on the incredible EBMM JP15. Hope this helps some of my friends here :) Cheers and please do let me know if I got somewhere close!
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