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  1. D

    Serial numbers incorrect on a JP?

    Hi all, I've had several JP guitars in the past, so I'm quite familiar with them, how they should look, feel, sound, etc. Well, I got a used JP15, sahara burst quilt, from guitar center. It's like-new condition, it's gorgeous. It looks, sounds and feels like a jp15 should. My issue is this...
  2. F

    Need help parsing a EBMM Build Code

    Hi All, Great community! I need help making sense of this build code that I got from the Serial Number Database (very cool this exists for EB guitars!) The Build Code is: 320-QG-11-00-CS-CR Does Serial in this code tell me it's a Custom Shop build and a Axis Super Sport with a basswood body...
  3. W

    CS-CR code when punching in the serial number

    Hi all - been a while. Stupid question.. does the suffix CS-CR in your serial number designate the guitar as a Custom Shop? And is the CR a chrome hardware designation? Just trying to decipher my 2007 Rosewood axis build code. Thanks in advance
  4. F

    Off Topic: jump to post

    Hi, I don't know where to put it, so please redirect me if necessary. I've found a hit when looking op my serial number in the search, but I only got the thread/topic (the serial number 900+ pages). Is there a way to go directly to the post? Thanks!
  5. A

    Bass compare

    Hello from Ukraine! I have 2 variants of Musicman stingray basses, black and blue, in different cities. There is no way to listen them online, only when I arrive in another city. So guys im rlly interested in your opinion about these basses) black or blue ahah, and what I should look firstly on...
  6. S

    My New Sabre Bass

    This week I took delivery of what may have been one of the last new Sabres in the country. To say the least, I’m extremely happy an feel very fortunate to have found it after only about 5 weeks searching for one. It was listed as color Trans-Blonde which makes sense. When I ran the serial number...
  7. L

    Stingray "C" prefix serial #

    I saw a stingray for sale and the serial number matches up as looking legit from the serial number finder, but I thought all stingrays had "E" serial numbers. Anyone know the story behind the C? Thanks. John
  8. tailgate

    Help: 1996 Axis question

    I really need some help. I really want to purchase this 1996 EBMM Axis, but the serial number does not match the guitar color. The guy selling it said "The backplate was lost so new metal backplate (from EB) is installed" and I had him send me a pic of the backplate with the serial number...
  9. B

    Serial Number discrepancy

    Hey all, I recently purchased an EBMM EVH guitar. Upon research on the serial #, it comes up as being built on August 19th,1992, color Translucent Purple. Only problem, she’s Translucent Red. Everything thing else checks out. Pickups, and other hardware. I did see a post here in the forum about...
  10. jlepre

    Help: Is this a legit EBMM 5?

    The seller said it has no serial number, and I asked him to look on the neck plate, and bridge. Any suggestions?
  11. C

    Majesty vs Monarchy Majesty

    Hi all. I just purchased a supposedly monarchy majesty off reverb. It appears to have the same gloss finish front and back which is purposefully what I was trying to avoid. Love the matte finish on the neck! My fingers don't stick at all. So my question is is there any other way I.e. Serial...
  12. I

    Help: Confirm stainless frets please

    Good morning, I've got my eye in a barely used Albert Lee BFR HH. However, I'd like to confirm that it does in fact have stainless steel frets. The serial lookup returned the following: Serial # G90151 Manufactured October 31st, 2019 Build Code 955-SS-R3-P3-CS-BM Model Albert Lee HH Tremolo...
  13. N

    Question: Date My Early EBMM bass (28842)

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and look forward to learning about Music Man basses and guitars on this forum. My first EBMM instrument is a wonderful 2eq fretless 4 string from around 1990 (maybe a bit earlier). Unfortunately the database doesn't include early serial numbers so I'm hoping to...
  14. J

    Stingray serial number B027156

    Good morning to all, I have been searching to date my Musicman Stingray with serial number B027156 and I can't find it everywhere. As far as I can remember, I had purchased it in 1985. I would appreciate very much for any info. Many thanks in advance Cheers from Down Under Joey
  15. R

    Help: EBMM Luke mystery serial numbers

    Greetings All, I acquired a Luke BFR in a trade about 7 years ago. I contacted Ernie Ball before I completed the trade because I had concerns about the guitar's authenticity due to the non-standard serial number and the location of the serial number on the guitar. I sent photos to a rep at...
  16. C

    verify original of string copy

    Hello friends, can you help me please? I'd like to recognize the original ernieball strings from the copy. Inside the package I see it has a serial number but I don't know the page to enter it and verify if it is an original string Thanks!!!
  17. S

    Serial number

    Hello, I need full information about the Stingray bass guitar, serial number E29458. Release date, case material, neck material, and so on... Thanks
  18. O

    Question: Looking bass model

    Hello, I have Man Stingray four string and I would like to know what year it is. The serial number is E15043. Thank you for your help
  19. M

    Help: Stingray or Sub?

    I bought a MM Stingray as a Sub. When I checked the serial ..which is X00576. I think it was made in 2002 or 2003... But the head stock says its a stingray. What's up with that? The Body is textured like a Sub,I thought at first I got ripped...bought it second hand. But everything looks legit...
  20. P

    Question: Serial number

    Hello! Here is a Music Man guitar with serial number G003713. Does anybody know the year of manufacturing? Thank you for answers!
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