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  1. C

    Question: Any EBMM USA Sterling love?

    Haven't seen much news on the state of the EBMM Sterling line, any idea when we are going to see new colors for the instrument? I've thrown together a *rough* MS Paint mockup of what I'd love to see in a hypothetical Sterling Special.. - 24 frets, neck-thru design (to help with access to those...
  2. T

    Stingray 5H Special and Mesa D800plus settings that don’t clip

    Hello: I recently got a Stingray 5H Special and it’s clipping my Mesa D800plus amp. When I switch the “active” switch it of course lowers the volume, and then I bring back up and then clips again. I’m using 2 subway 12 cabs and competing against drums, keys and guitar. We’re a Tears For Fears...
  3. D

    Question: Music Man Sterling 4H in Pearl Purple / Background information of this Special Run?

    Hello there! So I own a beautiful Sterling 4H in Pearl Purple, made in January 1996. According to the web this was a special run of only 70 pieces. The serial data base calls this Bass "BASS STERLING SPECIAL MAPLE" I wonder if there is any story behind this special run or if there is nothing...
  4. GrooveMerchant

    Silo Special conundrum

    I have a 2006 Limited Edition Silhouette Special that I'm struggling with. I was almost set on selling it, but it plays so well, and feels so comfy that I keep second guessing myself. The reason I keep thinking about selling it is the sound. It just sounds slightly too focused...too modern if...
  5. Scarbee

    Question: Stingray Special 4H coil split possible?

    Hi Can the Stingray Special 4H have a coil split? The HH version uses it - so I guess its possible? There seems to be 3 wires from pickup - are those ground, front coil and rear coil? If not possible - will a MM Classic pickup fit the hole?
  6. GWDavis28

    Looks like some models now have updated colors.

    Silo and Silo Special are only available in maple fret board, in snowy white with matching head stock. Silhouette Collection | Ernie Ball Music Man Silo Silo Special Glenn |B)
  7. RobertB

    Local BFR Ray Special 4HH sighting

    Gold hardware is not normally my thing, but in this combination it's amazing: Ball Family Reserve Stingray 4 HH | Bass Guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man | Wildwood Guitars
  8. U

    2018-2021 Stingray Special, High-Pass filter

    I am aware that all previous 3eq regular Musicman Stingrays from 1987-2018 did have high-pass filters. Do the revised 2018-2021 Stingray Special Musicman basses 3 band pre-amps still use a high-pass filter? (''A high-pass filter is a simple, but effective EQ curve that scoops out unwanted low...
  9. P

    Lightweight trem block option '14 Silo Special

    Hi all, Looking to see if there are any light(er)-weight trem blocks available for a '14 Silhouette Special. Nothing tonally wrong with the guitar (sounds great and well balanced), but is about 7.8lbs. It plays better than my '03 hardtail, though the weight becomes an issue after a while. I...
  10. B

    Question: 2015 Music Man StingRay 4H compared to my StingRay Special

    Hey everyone, I'm currently in the process of converting myself into a bass player and I've been slowly selling off my guitar gear to fund my bass gear. Currently I own a 2019 StingRay Special which I love. I'm currently looking at trading one of my guitars for a 2015 StingRay 4H. I was...
  11. P

    Stingray special setup

    Hi, Just got my stingray special ( ohh man my neck likes the weight and my ears the sound 😀), and I noticed the E string is a tad louder, so maybe a pickup height adjustment is in order. 1) anybody else noticed the E being hot? 2) the specs published for the older stingrays are they still valid...
  12. L

    I'm back fellas!!

    after a long break from MM guitars...i always had my silo special hss from tge early 2000s...i just scored a sweet silo special hardtail hss in charcoal with maple board who's is new for me....should arrive by weeks end very excited!! I know there's tons of new MM offerings but this guitar was...
  13. J

    Question: New member | MN Limited Edition?? what is it?

    New member in the forum :) Today I pulled the trigger on a Silhouette Special in emerald green. I learned to play guitar back in 2003 on a friend's Silhouette special, unfortunately I had to stop and well I haven't played guitar for like 10 years now. Just restarted...ohh boy it is hard. Came...
  14. L

    Sting Ray Guitar Weight?

    Just got a Sting Ray and while I like it, the darn thing is HEAVY 9 pounds 3 oz Nothing special about it. 2018 non RS with RW fretboard Just curious what everyone else's weigh in at
  15. S

    Pearloid Scratchplate for Stingray Special

    I'm trying to locate a white pearl scratchplate for my 2020 Stingray Special in Dropped Copper. I'm based in the UK. WD Music has scratchplates for order but only for short scale Specials. Any help appreciated.
  16. GrooveMerchant

    Convert Silhouette Special

    Convert Silhouette Special HSS to SSS I have a HSS Silo Special that I'm considering converting to an SSS. How difficult would this be? I'm not terribly handy with a soldering iron. I am thinking of picking up a second pickguard and new pups to install, and keep the current pickguard as is...
  17. GWDavis28

    I saw on FailBook, no NAMM for 2021

    Someone posted that NAMM 2021 was postponed. Breaking News: The 2021 Winter NAMM Show Is Officially Cancelled, Virtual Event Planned << American Songwriter I wonder if EBMM will make special pieces for the Vault? Glenn |B)
  18. L

    New to the Forum - Silhouette Special Question

    Hello all. I purchased a used Silhouette Special off Reverb that gets in tomorrow, and while I've been waiting, I've been pouring through the forums trying to learn all I can about them. I've owned various Fenders, Gibsons, Hamers, Heritages, PRSs, G&Ls, Charvels, Jacksons, and a Shishkov over...
  19. F

    Question: New Silhouette Special 1995 - Bridge SC not working

    Hey Guys, got my new Guitar today. Its a Silhouette Special from 1995 SSS. Unfortunately, the Bridge SC is not working (Position 1 and Position 2 - Pos 2 is just the middle SC). Do you have any suggestions to check where the fault is? Both the Neck and the middle SC are working perfectly...
  20. F

    Question: Silhouette Special 1995 Neck & Cleaning

    Hey Guys, I recently purchased a 1995 Silhouette Special with a maple neck. It certainly needs a little bit of cleaning around the neck area. Do you know, which finish the neck has? Depending an that, I would start cleaning it (the neck as well as the fretboard). Any advice on that...
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