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  1. V

    Morse Y2D | Standard v Drop Tune | Pickup Question

    Hi All, Firstly, apologies if the title of this thread is a bit confusing. I will try to be as clear as possible with words that follow: I have a Morse Y2D and it's a great guitar in terms of ergonomics - love the body, bridge design, and the neck. For the longest time, I'd strung it up in...
  2. J

    Pricing Question?

    Hey guys, I have a 25th Anniversary Reflex that is pretty much mint, but my Luke HH gets played while the reflex sits in the case. I just like the feel of the Luke for me. My question? What is a good sale price for the reflex? I’ve done some searching but can’t find a good standard pricing...
  3. J

    Question: What to do with the nut when going to heavier gauge and back?

    Hi! A while ago I was learning a song in D standard and I decided to change the gauge of my Majesty RP from .10 to .11. Everything was going well until I noticed that the 5th string was too wide for the nut slot so I aborted and changed back to .10. Now I'm learning a song in drop C and I...
  4. PeterVV

    Valentine Pickups

    I am toying with the idea of swapping out the bridge for a HSP90. Has anyone done this, and does anyone know what the reading is of the standard pickups ( the single coil and humbucker )?
  5. J

    JP6 pickup spacing - F, standard or both?

    Hi all, Just acquired a 2010 JP6 which might require new pups. I know this question has been asked before, but I can’t quite find a definite answer. Are the pickups F spaced, standard, or both? (Bridge - F, Neck - Standard) I think it may be both; I have measured the existing pups and this seems...
  6. T

    Music Man JP6

    Hello Everybody , I am new here and likely a new EBMM User :)! A guy asked to trade in his JP6 Mystic Dream - Piezo (2009) with my PRS Standard 2001 tremolo plus 600 Eur. For all EU dudes, is it fair? What is a normal price for a used JP6 like this? Thanks a lot! D.
  7. K

    What’s the difference between the sterling ray4 and the standard stingrays pickups?

    Hard to find specifics on the websites. Is there anything special about the ray4’s pickups? I got a friend who found a body of one but it was missing it’s neck! Thinking of switching out then pickups for something like the ones that come stock in standard stingrays now, and putting a short...
  8. J

    Help: Fret buzz after tuning down

    Hello everyone I have a EBMM Majesty, it has standard string gauge (10 mm high E) and I have tuned it down to C standard. The tension of the strings has decreased (of course) and I seem to get fret buzz, specially with "air" notes (no pressing on the frets) and the first frets of the...
  9. dave1812

    New Colors for 2021

    Ernie Ball Music Man New for 2021 – Ernie Ball Music Man Is that all we get or are there going to be more Models and Colors announced? The JP Line still says "discontinued" next to almost all the finishes. Did the JP "standard" get discontinued?
  10. K

    Question: BFR Axis Baritone Tuning

    Hi all, Ordered a BFR Axis Baritone, and come to know that default setup is Drop C with 12-56 string. May I know any recommendation on the string gauge for the below tuning? C# standard D standard Eb Standard (not sure if it's gonna work on the Baritone) Thanks
  11. B

    Quick ? about the 2011 JP7 models

    I was laying out a spec sheet for my guitars and I cannot remember if the 2011 models had SS or nickel frets. Does anyone know what came standard? I appreciate it.
  12. vuduhwy

    Anyone else wish that their Morse standard ......

    ....had a non-locking trem?
  13. S

    JP6 Parallel Wiring Help

    I have a non-piezo JP6 with the newer black PCB. I have a single push-pull pot which I want to use to engage my Neck humbucker in Series/Parallel (Bridge remains always in Series). I'm a little confused with how I should go about wiring this up as it's different from the standard DPDT 3-way...
  14. V

    Help Needed - B String Breaking on Morse Y2D

    Hey All, Hope all of you are safe and doing alright. I have a Morse Y2D that I absolutely love. I purchased this guitar about a year back on Reverb and am thoroughly impressed with how killer this guitar is. However, I am facing a problem. I have broken the B string at a very interesting...
  15. B

    Quick Survey: Morse Weight

    No, not Steve’s weight... Just bought a 2013 Morse standard and really like the guitar. I figured with the slab body and the amount of hardware that it couldn’t be as light as my Val, Silo HSH, and AL HH, all under 7lbs. My Morse weighs 8lbs on the dot. It doesn’t feel that heavy on the...
  16. B

    Difference Between Necks on BFR and Standard Instruments?

    Was curious about the finish used on the maple necks of BFR instruments. I've noticed in photos that, aside from the fact that they are highly-figured, all the BFR necks appear to have a shine that I don't necessarily see on standard instruments such as the Cutlass RS. Is there any difference in...
  17. S

    St Vincent HH BFR vs Standard

    I can get the stealth black st Vincent or the BFR for the same price. I noticed the BFR weighs 1 lb less than the standard. Are there any other differences worth noting that are not cosmetic? Which guitar would you guys advise buying if the price were the same? Thanks!
  18. C

    SBMM Pick up question

    Hello all, I have a Sterling Axis AX30-D and want to change the pick ups from whatevers in them now to a liquifire on the neck and a crunch lab on the bridge. the website asks if it standard or f-spaced. which spacing do we use? thank you. currently have added locking M-6 Tuners, Tele style...
  19. 7stringsofhell

    Tuning a Petrucci EBMM to C Standard

    I used not so slinky strings. I have the trem blocked. I am a bit of newb to this as i usually just hire someone to set up my guitar but i am trying to learn. How do i know if i need a truss or intonation adjustment, or both? Its not playing as smoothing or easily as when i had it in E...
  20. spychocyco

    Trem tip?

    Anyone swapped out the trem tip on an ASS? I swapped the cream knobs for chrome, and I'm thinking about doing the same with the cream tip. Will a standard strat-style tip fit the EBMM arm? Anyone know?
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