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  1. G

    Steve Morse Y2D Wiring diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Steve Morse Y2D?
  2. K

    EBMM Steve Morse tail block

    What are your thoughts about the tail block on the EBMM Steve Morse..? Personally I don't like it very much, I think it makes an otherwise high-end guitar look kinda cheap.. Are there any alternatives? Has anyone changed it for something else that looks better? On my previous standard...
  3. K

    EBMM Steve Morse Y2K changing pickup configuration?

    EBMM Steve Morse Y2D changing pickup configuration? Hello, I used to have the 4-pickup version of the Steve Morse model earlier, but I sold it a while ago. Although I loved it and all the different possible pickup combinations, I must admit it was a bit complicated, and I found myself using my...
  4. beej

    NGD #2: Steve Morse Sparkle

    Nothing for ages ... then two guitars in two days! But I couldn't help myself when I saw the new Steve Morse- beside the sparkly burst, the roasted neck and SS frets put it over the top. This one is awesome- sounds amazing out of the box. I'll eventually change up the switching, but not for a...
  5. M

    String change on Steve Morse (question)

    I have the non-whammy original Steve Morse model......has anyone ever tried wrapping the strings around the bridge like a lot of folks do on les Paul’s and SG’s? Would the combo of that and the compensated nut would mess up the intonation? Curious if anyone has tried this or has any thoughts...
  6. tbonesullivan

    Steve Morse Models getting scarce? Changes Coming?

    I was just looking to see if I could find interesting Steve Morse guitars up for sale, and noticed that many of the major sellers like Sweetwater, ZZounds, AMS have none available. They don't even have listings where you can pre-order any, in either the Standard model or the Y2d Model. Anyone...
  7. H

    Question: Electronic photo Steve Morse Y2D

    Hello, I write from Argentina. Could someone please pass a picture of the inside of Steve Morse Y2D guitar? I searched the net and I couldn't find it. Thank for you need! Hernan
  8. fbecir

    Magnus Karlsson (Morse content inside)

    Hello I didn't know this guy until yesterday when I saw this video : Nice guitar :D In the comment of this video, Magnus writes : I dedicate this song to Steve Morse, one of my absolute favorite guitar players and a huge inspiration
  9. Bowks

    String Heights for Steve Morse model

    Does anyone have details of the string heights of the Steve Morse model. Mine seems a little high and I want to get an idea of what it would have had when it left the factory. Thanks!
  10. S

    Question: Treble Bleed on Steve Morse Signature

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have modded the Steve Morse standard signature with a treble bleed and if yes what were your experiences with it? Thnks!
  11. tbonesullivan

    Steve Moorse String Gauge Choice

    It's probably been discussed before, but my thread searches turned up nothing. I've had my Morse for a few years now, and originally it still had the stock strings, which are 10p-13p-16p-26w-32w-42w (Custom RPS Slinkys) This is the top 4 strings from a .010 gauge set, with the two bottom...
  12. fbecir

    Off Topic: Morse & NAMM 2020

    Some great stuff on the Ernie Ball booth during NAMM : Steve is playing without his hand brace :):)
  13. D

    Steve Morse Y2D Pickguard Question

    Hey all! I've recently bought a MM Steve Morse Y2D Blue burst guitar. Pictures will be posted in the near future. I want to get a new clear pickguard for it, because this one has scratches all over it and on a neck pickup a broken plastic where the screw is. How and where can I order a new...
  14. gforce013

    NGD: Steve Morse

    Years ago I had a purple sunset Morse that I lived and for some stupid reason I sold it. I tried to get it back but the guy heavily modded the guitar and not in a good way for me anyway. I always wanted to buy another one but I didn’t want a quilt top , always like the look of the flamed maple...
  15. A

    where to get replacement EBMM pickguards? (Steve Morse model)

    Just took ownership of a somewhat beat up '94 Steve Morse EBMM (standard blueburst with stoptail), and I'm not gelling with the pickups, so I was thinking of swapping them out. I thought it might be easiest to just get a new pickguard and mount the new pickups and controls on it, and keep the...
  16. Chente

    Question: Volume Pedal Connection

    I'm puzzled with this. As you can hopefully see in the attached Photo of one of Steve Morse's pedal board. Steve, does not have anything connected to the Inputs of his VPs. He is only using the tuner and output connectors. Can someone shed some light on me? As you probably know he puts the...
  17. J

    Steve Morse case for an Axis?

    Hi, I'm new here. After many months of waiting, my dream guitar, a Balboa blue flame Axis, has finally arrived. I am incredibly happy with it and will never let it go. However, on my receipt from the store, it says it came with a Steve Morse model case. It's definitely not molded for an Axis...
  18. K

    Music Man Silhouette ltd. ed. 2007

    Hello, I have a Steve Morse 4-pickup model which I love, but it has too many switches and too many pickup combinations I don't use, lacking others that I would use, most importantly sc neck/middle and sc middle/bridge (the stratty 2 and 4 positions..). So I just discovered a Silhouette limited...
  19. Raj Don Yasser

    Finally discovered my "perfect" guitar: EBMM Steve Morse

    Hello everybody. I'm new to the forum AND new to Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. Shortly after the new year I discovered a guitar that is as close to perfect as I've ever seen: the Steve Morse model. Although I've been listening to the Dixie Dregs since a boy in the 70s, wore out several cassettes...
  20. xjbebop

    NGD - Steve Morse Standard with Floyd

    Mrs. Bebop was pining away recently over the Morse Y2D we had for a short time many years ago. She decided to shop around to see what was out there and found this little guy on GC used for a very reasonable price. The ad pics showed it still with the protective plastic so we ordered it in. She...
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