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  1. H

    2020 Cutlass HSS (mine) for 2012 Axis (his)

    I have a 2020 EBMM Cutlass HSS and, while I like it, I have always loved the Axis. I found one locally and the guy would trade me straight up. Both guitars in mint condition. Good trade or nah?
  2. S

    Q - Installing new PUPs on a Valentine?

    Hi gang. Looking for some tips. Have the awesome Valentine but want to put my own PUPs (two humbuckers) in as they are custom jobbies. Questions are this... 1) On the Valentine PCB, connecting a new neck humbucker looks simple enough - matching up the wires to the different spots on the PCB...
  3. Sosomething

    Armada construction process?

    I know this is about a discontinued model, but I'm fascinated. The Armada was obviously quite a departure for EBMM both in specs and construction method. They do lots of neck-through guitars with the Majesty, and, if I'm remembering right, some of the BFR Petruccis, but I've never seen a Ball...
  4. nickfox

    What is this stray wire?

    This unshielded stray wire (the red arrow is pointing at it) is in the cavity of my super sport. It is attached to a lug. The lug has 2 other wires, one going straight into the body of the guitar and the other going to the volume pot. thanks n
  5. Steltrucci

    Soulful Groovy Jam by Stel Andre

    Hey all! Here is my latest Soufloul Jam i did earlier todya, testing my new 4K camera. I also used my Music Man JP6 plugged straight into the Axe Fx 2. Hope you guys dig it! Cheers! Soulful Groovy Jam by Stel Andre - YouTube
  6. Steltrucci

    Melodic Improvisation Practise by Stel Andre

    Hey all! This is a video of me practising melodic lines while improvising. I used my Music Man JP7 Cardinal Red, plugged straight into the Axe Fx 2. Hope you guys like it! Thank you for watching! Melodic Improvisation Practise by Stel Andre - YouTube
  7. B

    Can't Get the Mwah on My Stingray

    Last week I purchased a mint condition 1995 fretless Stingray and I'm just lovin' the Music Man growl. But I can't seem to find the mwah and it's got me kinda bummed....:( I've set the neck as straight and the action as low as possible, to the point of getting a little undesireable buzz on the...
  8. E

    Question: Big Al Slanted Pickup

    Question is why was it decided to use a slanted pickup at the bridge rather than a straight pickup on the Big Al bass. A jazz bass has a straight pickup in a similar position. Was it because the guitar version was like this and makes it look more like a strat? Or was there a sonic reason...
  9. Karl

    EB 2016 2 Band Stingray Classic Problem

    Hi Guys.....I wondered if anyone can help me out with a problem I am having with my Stingray. I am thinking that there is a problem with the plug socket. I use a Mogami Gold cable with a straight plug end going into my interface and a angled plug end going into my Bass. I am getting all kinds of...
  10. M

    anyone else buy the Expression overdrive?

    anyone else having the same problem as i am? i just ran it straight into a fender twin. cable/pedal/cable. it sounds like a blanket was thrown over the clarity. unplugged, went straight into the amp, and the clarity was back... so even when the pedal is not engaged, its making a big...
  11. Steltrucci

    Emotional Melodic Jam - Stel Andre

    Hey people! This is an Emotional Melodic Improvisation using my latest HB Les Paul SC-450 Plus and the tone is straight from the Axe Fx 2. Hope you guys like it! Cheers!
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