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  1. M

    Question: Very weird question. Sorry for asking.

    Here's my question. I'm very tired, so get ready to read this mess: Assuming you have proper relief and a stock nut, should your strings be able to ring freely below the fret being played? (by below, I mean towards the headstock, where you're not supposed to pluck) In other words, should your...
  2. M

    String Spacing on EBMM Valentine

    Hi friends! New to the forum and a recent EBMM convert. I have a Stingray RS and a Valentine and was thinking about another JValentine because the neck is TOO comfortable. If I got a second, I’d swap the bridge for a humbucker and the neck for a p90 but does anyone know the string spacing I...
  3. D

    Luke II Action VS Strat

    Hello, I'm a very happy owner of a Luke II. 2 years ago I installed jumbo frets on it, due to a personal difficult relationship with the original frets. I recently went to my luthier for a setup and I asked him to avoid fret buzzing as much as possible, (the one that upsets me the most is when...
  4. Clouseau

    JP15 string spacing

    Does anyone know is the string spacing on JP15 10.5mm or 10.8mm?
  5. N

    Majesty 8 String

    Majesty 8 | Guitars | Ernie Ball Music Man
  6. A

    Excessive string breakage after using EB string cleaning wipez

    Hello, I seem to be breaking a lot more strings since I started using the EB string cleaning wipes. Is anyone else having the same issue? Thanks
  7. J

    VPJR weird issue

    So I’ve scoured the internet and cannot find an answer. I recently changed both the potentiometer and string on my VPJR passive pedal using Ernie Ball parts. I changed the pot because it was getting scratchy. I changed the string because I was there. After doing so, the pedal is not scratchy...
  8. M

    Issue with a Mono VP

    Hey all, I've got this model of VP (Ernie Ball 6166 250K Mono Volume Pedal for Passive Electronics | Sweetwater). A while ago the string got off of the wheel well, so I took the pedal apart and fixed the issue. Now, however, it doesn't function as a VP. Whether it's fully down or fully up, the...
  9. S

    Help: Setting up EBMM Stingray (Dustin Kensrue) - guidance please!

    Hi all! I'm new to the MM gang. I picked up my new Dustin Kensrue Stingray last week and have been absolutely loving it. I think this guy has been on display for a while and I've noticed I need to make a few adjustments. While I have played guitar for many years, I've only recently started...
  10. T

    New bass day (custom shop goodness)

    Received my new custom shop Stingray Special 5HH today, another one of a kind piece from the fine people at EBMM! Specs are: Ocean Sparkle 5 string HH gold hardware BFR roasted flamed maple neck, no lines or inlays in gloss
  11. S

    New EBMM Majesty BFF 7 string owner

    Hi all, Bought first EBMM guitar a lovely blue 7 string Majesty BFR model: Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Majesty 7 - Bali Blue Burst | The Axe Palace It should arrive sometime next week and really looking forward to playing it through my new Bogner Uberschall Twinjet amp for some fun metal tones. I...
  12. A

    New JP15 bridge alignment

    Hey folks 👋 I recently got a 7 strings JP15 from Thomann. The guitar is playing fine, but today I noticed that the bridge is not really aligned with the body. English is not my native language so I find hard to describe the problem, so here's a picture. You can see that the screw of the...
  13. T

    Trouble with palm muting on an Axis guitar?

    I LOVE my axis guitar, except... I struggle picking quickly while palm muting on the high E string. Between the whammy bar and Volume knob, my hand is crammed in a small space and my range of motion to quickly pick notes is limited. I tried palm muting closer to the neck pickup, but the sound is...
  14. W

    It's been a while

    I know I've been missing for a while... I picked up a second Azola upright These uprights are fun, I play this one more than the Bugbass for sure. Dear God the DarkRay is awesome. If it were available with 5 strings I'd probably already have one ordered. I think I might have to sell the...
  15. J

    Question: String Gauge Question

    Hey Everyone, I just got the 2021 Majesty Hydrospace and I'm curious on string gauges. My band tunes to drop C and I am curious on what gauge string I should be using for this guitar. I don't want to screw up ANYTHING. What would be the slinky gauge to use? I'm thinking the Power Slinky...
  16. K

    Truss Rod Snapped?

    Yesterday, while changing strings on my 2019 SbMM LK100 in the manner I have used for 45 years on guitars of multiple brands (taking all strings off, clean neck, restring), I heard a very distinct yet quiet "click". This gave me pause as it wasn't clear what caused it. As I also changed out the...
  17. L

    Help: Left handed 7 string guitar fr

    Hi everyone, I need help to find a 7 string guitar with floyd rose for left handed people like me with price lower than 900 Euros It's very important for my study (John Petrucci's music) Thank you for your answer. Cordially LL
  18. S

    Sterling SUB 4 2005: Saddle adjustment grub screws

    Hello - I'm UK based. Would anyone know the correct sized screws for these? I've ordered two sets now both of which don't fit: (M3, 100mm) the thread was too fine (4-40, 3/8ths) too slim I've since learned the difference between UNC and UNF, and I believe I require UNC. I've tried asking...
  19. D

    My Signature model if I was a MusicMan endorser!!!

    If I ever became an endorser for MusicMan basses. My signature model would be a Purple Sparkle Reflex 4 string with a MM H with a MM P pickup above.
  20. M

    Big Al SSS or Bongo 5HH with roasted maple neck?

    I was all set on getting a used Stingray Special but these two recently caught my eye, both available used for similar prices within driving distance of me. I'm only been playing bass (or any instrument) for two months or so, so any info on what you like/dislike about these two basses, however...
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