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  1. M

    Question: Very weird question. Sorry for asking.

    Here's my question. I'm very tired, so get ready to read this mess: Assuming you have proper relief and a stock nut, should your strings be able to ring freely below the fret being played? (by below, I mean towards the headstock, where you're not supposed to pluck) In other words, should your...
  2. B

    Just Switched From 10's to 9's on Majesty, Some Questions

    Hello: Due to some fretting hand pain I have been having recently, I decided to hop down to 9's from 10's on my Majesty in hopes the lighter strings may help. Before changing the strings, I thought I might only need to adjust the intonation and do a relatively minor truss rod correction, and...
  3. O

    Silhouette [and Special] owners: string action?

    I recently dove into Silhouette ownership, picking up a couple used Silhouette Special models. Try as I might, I can't get the action nearly as low as it is on my JPs without buzzing. I do my own setups, starting with fresh strings, adjust the truss rod so that there is just a hint or so of...
  4. K

    Specs question: Length of loop-end wound strings

    Hello. Quick question: How long are loop-end wound banjo strings? And what is the length of the wound portion? Thanks. Ken
  5. J

    M-steel strings

    Are the plain strings made with M-steel? I can't find this contents in the Product Description. I'm using earnieball cobalt strings because of corrosion. 4 5 6 strings are pretty good resistance to corrosion but 1 2 3 strings don't seem to be any difference with regular slinky strings. I hope...
  6. F

    Question: Old Smoothie: Is there more to it?

    Hello all. First post here. I read a story about the origins of the Old Smoothie on the Wildwood Guitars website. It made it seem as if all Leo Fender had to do was create a 10 pole pickup for a 4 string bass - where the poles landed inbetween the strings - and Sterling Ball was a happy man. Is...
  7. Clouseau

    JP15 stiff strings feel

    Hello, I use 9-42 strings on my jp15. Tried a couple of different ones from different manufactures but they all feel stiff compared for example to my RG with edge tremolo. My action is pretty low(1.2mm on e, 1.5mm on E, or even lower), neck is almost straight. Saddles are not flat(parallel)...
  8. N

    Heavier gauge strings

    Just wondering if anyone has upped their string gauges to 12's with standard tuning. EBMM FAQ says the nut needs filing-I have 11's on my Albert Lee and St Vincent and I haven't noticed any problems. I used to play a Jazzmaster strung with 12's and I'm kinda missing the feel of those thicker...
  9. E

    EB regular slinkys are wearing alot of nickel into my maple fretboard.

    Been playing EB regular slinkys 10\46 all my life but my main guitar now has a maple neck and the strings nickel is staining the wood. I change my strings every 6 days but my fingers and fretboard get very nickely in just hours and continue to do so requiring cleaning of fretboard and fingers...
  10. D

    Question Dull D String

    I have a 1991 4 string Black Stingray Bass. What ever strings that I put on the bass, all the strings sound great and resonate well acoustically except the D string. Why would this happen. What could I try. It is not an electronic problem. It sounds like this acousticlly and when it is plugged...
  11. H

    Ernie Ball Classic/Rock & Roll sets

    Hi, I am a long time user of the Ernie Ball Classic/Rock & Roll sets. I wanted to try, for example, the new Turbo set with the slightly lighter gauge unwound strings. My question is whether the *unwrapped* strings from the normal nickel plated sets are made of the same materials as the...
  12. R

    Earthwood tension charts (silk & steel specifically)

    Can anyone please point me to quantitative tension data of the individual strings in Earthwood strings, specifically of the Silk & Steel? Thanks!
  13. L

    Help: Ratios in the strings

    Hello People, I am working on a physics lab in a class and I was wondering what the ratio of nickel, steel, tin, and carbon steel are in each string (so I can calculate the specific heat constant for the strings). I am currently using Ernie Ball Super Slinky Bass Roundwound Bass Strings, (2834)...
  14. wired

    My neglected Axis

    Gave some much needed love to this beauty today. Hadn’t played it since probably some time last summer & no idea how old the strings were. Have been playing mostly my Sabres lately, but the Axis still feels like home.
  15. ZiggyDude

    Bongo 6 Bass Neck Won't Adjust

    Greetings I have a Bongo 6 HS. In "Deep Purple". Love the bass - but that wheel won't turn. Thus I have too much forward bow. What makes it more difficult is that the size of the wheel is smaller than the one used on my 5 strings. That makes the hole in it smaller and I can't use as strong...
  16. S

    Jp15 6 strings with warped neck

    Hi there, I just bought a brand new Jp15 online and upon arrival the guitar wasn’t tuned. After tuning it in standard I noticed a lot of fret buzz around the top of the neck, especially on E A and D while playing some chords or note, open strings not being an issue! By looking more closely i...
  17. J

    Dead strings

    I am at a total loss, I recently have noticed my strings are sounding duller faster than ever before. I have no what to do. Yes, I play all the time, but I don't remember my strings sounding so dead so fast! I welcome any tips or suggestions. I just changed strings on one of my Strats (standard...
  18. Matija

    Sterling Majesty 7 price

    Hi Team, after I bought a 6 strings Musicman majesty I'd wish to have 7 strings one, but for sure I can't afford it. What do you think about the price of a used sterling majesty like this The seller already told me if the auction will fail he will be able to make some discounts. Of course, is...
  19. J

    Help: Fret buzz after tuning down

    Hello everyone I have a EBMM Majesty, it has standard string gauge (10 mm high E) and I have tuned it down to C standard. The tension of the strings has decreased (of course) and I seem to get fret buzz, specially with "air" notes (no pressing on the frets) and the first frets of the...
  20. Matija

    Bridge Settings on my EBMM2019

    Hi Team, I'm the owner of my brand new guitar Musicman Majesty 2019. Yesterday i had to change strings as is been a month since i have it and almost non stop playing, so you can imagine, the strings were rusty. I'm used to play with the 0.9. My guess is that the strings came from the factory...
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