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  1. A

    EBMM Steve Morse Standard - suggestions for replacing slanted neck single coil pickup

    Hey guys! Looking for some suggestions for a replacement pickup for the slanted neck single coil on my Morse Standard. I upgraded the pots to 500K, and I'm digging the sound of everything better right now, except the neck single. It's just too weak sounding compared to the others. I replaced...
  2. 7broccos

    Pickguard hunting

    Hi gang it has been a while just bought my third Bongo and first HS 4 in Candy Apple. Looking for an Abalone P/G had no luck finding one, any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. P

    Question: Albert Lee Pickups/ wire harness question

    Hi, I purchased a used 2017 AL HH model and the previous owner replaced the entire wire harness and pickups. I want to get the instrument back to what it was or close to what it was - same pickups 5 way switch, etc, Unfortunately EBMM support said they don't sell loaded pick guards - darn. I'm...
  4. M

    Replacing dot inlays

    I am thinking that I would like to replace the dot inlays on my Cutlass with abalone or something similar. Has anyone here endeavoured to do this before? Aside from steady hands and a little patience, I am looking for some advice or suggestions from around this please. Thanks!
  5. jlepre

    Help: Is this a legit EBMM 5?

    The seller said it has no serial number, and I asked him to look on the neck plate, and bridge. Any suggestions?
  6. J

    Sterling SUB SB4 by Music Man

    I'm trying to make my bass lighter weight. I have changed everything to make it lighter except the Bridge. I cant seem to find an aluminum one or something lightweight that would fit. do you folks have any suggestions?
  7. F

    Question: New Silhouette Special 1995 - Bridge SC not working

    Hey Guys, got my new Guitar today. Its a Silhouette Special from 1995 SSS. Unfortunately, the Bridge SC is not working (Position 1 and Position 2 - Pos 2 is just the middle SC). Do you have any suggestions to check where the fault is? Both the Neck and the middle SC are working perfectly...
  8. baske

    Best Amp/Cab for my Stingrays?

    At this moment I use a Markbass 121P With a extra 12 inch Markbass Cab. But now I do recordings, I found that the Stingray sound much better through my earphones than through the Markbass. What amp/cab should I buy for a better sound? Suggestions?
  9. J

    Suggestions for acoustic strings

    Hello all. I am a HUGE Ernie Ball Slinky fan and just bought my first resonator. Looking for suggestions on string model and gauge. Thanks! Joe
  10. G

    Question: Guitar knobs & numbers

    My daughter likes her St Vincent, but she doesn't like the lack of numbers. She can adjust by ear, but she likes to track what she uses. Even though there's a ridge line on the top, it can be hard to see in some settings. She likes the shape of the knobs. I can't find anything close to that...
  11. M

    Question: upgrade pickup

    hi all this is my first post so need some advice. i have a made in china sub bass i have to say well impressed for the price however i am sure i could get a better sound out of it with a better pick up so looking for suggestions. i am guessing a real mm pick up would be a vast improvement but as...
  12. T

    EBMM Reflex - feedback noise

    Merry Christmas Folks, have done search on this forum site regarding the subj. When playing the guitar on the amp's lead channel, you can hear a resonance/feedback noise building up, doesnt matter whether in front/behind/near/far from the amp. I mitigate it by rolling back the vol and tone...
  13. I

    Female Russian name suggestions

    Im so excited i just bought myself a 2006 anniversary stingray from russia. Ive been looking for this bass for a long time and i had to buy it once i saw it up on reverb. I was thinking since it came from russia i should give it a russian name... any suggestions? On a side note... it didnt...
  14. C

    Majesty with no sound

    I just got a music man majesty a few hours ago. Finally get home and plug it in. Has sound for about 1 second then nothing. I can pull the cable out plug and plug it back and and it's always the same thing. Changed the batteries and it's the same thing. Any suggestions?
  15. A

    Pickup suggestions needed Axis SS

    I would like to change the stock humbuckers in my Axis Super Sport to something sweeter and cleaner for use for blues, jazz, and country music. Any suggestions? Seymour Duncan's pickup selector suggests the '59 models, and even JB bridge.
  16. I

    Lower output pickups for Axis?

    Hi. I know so many people rave about their Axis pickups, but I am finding more and more that everything is sounding too "mushy" when I play with a lot of gain (just hard rock, not numetal or anything). I am thinking of changing the pickups out to see if that helps. I know some people...
  17. nathanhny

    Off Topic: Headphone suggestions

    Hey all :) I've recently moved to the digital side (using a kemper) to get back into some home recording. I'm just wondering if anyone has some suggestions into what headphones I should be looking at for home recording and mixing :)
  18. A

    Buckers Through Blackface

    Any suggestions on how to dial in clean sounds from a Blackface clone that I'm running MM custom dimarzio buckers? This is my first time using the combo and the highs sound a little ice-pickish. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. kestrou

    Wanted: HEAVY Duty Flight Case for Morse

    Does the SKB fit a Morse? SKB Waterproof Flight Case - Strat/Tele | Sweetwater Any other suggestions for something you'd trust handing to baggage handling gorillas? :) Kevin
  20. vic_loher

    MSteel Strings

    I have a JP15 that has the factory strings on it (RPS). I would like strings that are a little more responsive to hammer ons, pull offs and trills. Has anyone tried the Msteel Strings on a JP? If so, what was your experience with them? Also, I am open to other suggestions. I am also thinking...
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