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  1. koogie2k

    Been a while....good things

    It has been a while since I have posted. All good in my world and enjoying life! Today I placed a call to Pete DuBaldo. Honestly I was chasing an AL guitar but we got to talking for a hot second. As some of you know my Bongo, Warhammer, has been abused big time and it is time to put him in...
  2. A

    Question: The Majesty in the main picture

    I'm considering buying a majesty guitar and i would like to know which model and color is the majesty guitar in the main picture when opening the next page: The Majesty | Guitars | Ernie Ball Music Man (I'm talking about the green one in the main picture) Tnx for the help
  3. S

    New run of Dargies?

    Just spotted this on the GC site and haven't seen anyone talking about them. Don't know if it's a BFR thing or a GC exclusive, but... Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent HH Electric Guitar Dargie Delight 3 | Guitar Center
  4. A

    Squawking Sound from Jack

    Picked up a second Stingray5 last year, and have noticed an intermittent issue with the cable jack. Any pressure on the cable side-to-side (as, for example, when I bump the cable with my hip or leg while moving around) causes a squelching/squawking sound. Seems like cable tip has just enough...
  5. M

    80's Sabre bass pickup covers

    Has anyone ever seen a Sabre bass with stock white pickup covers. I overheard someone talking about it in a shop.
  6. DrKev

    Video: JP and Maddi talking backstage

    John & Maddi – Stage Left – The Dream Theater World
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