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  1. toomanyslurpees

    20 years with my first SR4

    This post is a week and a bit late, but I was thinking of how it was the summer of 2001 that I bought my first Stingray and so I looked it up and it was Aug.23rd, that's 20 years with my SR4 and it's still going strong... I bought it as the first new instrument I'd ever bought and planned to...
  2. C

    Wow!!! Got my 2016 Coral Red cutlass have questions

    Want to put on saddle cover. Looked on help. Anyone have time to help. Thanks, Brent
  3. koogie2k

    Been a while....good things

    It has been a while since I have posted. All good in my world and enjoying life! Today I placed a call to Pete DuBaldo. Honestly I was chasing an AL guitar but we got to talking for a hot second. As some of you know my Bongo, Warhammer, has been abused big time and it is time to put him in...
  4. NikolaK

    Something heavy with L3

    Hey guys! Here is another one minute video with my L3, this time a heavy/shredy type of song. Hope you will like it. Fractal Audio FM3, JP2c preset by Nick K - YouTube
  5. roburado

    25th Anniversary guitar. Was it just a bunch of blind alleys?

    OK. Look. I love the 25th Anniversary. Some of that is sentimental. (My wife and I love Joe Bonamassa's "Mountain Time" especially the version from his original "Live at Royal Albert Hall." "Mountain Time" is our song.) Some of my love for the 25th was how alive it sounded to me. I...
  6. DrKev

    Video: Factory Tour

    Last year a French youtube channel called Tone Factory visited the Music Man factory. Yes, the commentary is all in French but the footage is really interesting for those who can't understand. Interesting facts: 150 employees, 220 guitars per week, it takes 10 weeks from the time the wood goes...
  7. H

    Help: Y2D vs 20th anniversary silhouette

    Gday from down under, first time poster, long time lurker... I wanted to ask the brains trust on whether a trade for a Y2D w/floating trem to a 20th anniversary silo would be a fair trade or not, and pros and cons of the silo. I’m the lucky owner of the Y2D, but haven’t ‘fallen in love’ with...
  8. daneford

    Dang gas. Maybe it's time for a Luke, but which one?

    The tl:dr - I've caught Luke gas. There's a bfr Liii tumescent for a decent price. Are they that different from the standard Liii? Also, I've lusted after the neptune blue maple neck run for a long time. Should I just track one of those down? Do they pop up often? ------- Ramble ahead: I joke...
  9. tommydude

    Super long time -no post!

    Not sure who’s left from years ago? I used to be here all the time & here again looking to catch up + buy the last few missing guitars for my collection. Yes, I still play ! Happy New Year to everyone & good health wishes Tommy
  10. billpepper82

    Question: NGD Cutlass Vintage Tabacco SSS (short story)

    I have been playing a lot and improving a great deal even started recording some stuff anyway someone here posted the new 2021 guitars and I saw this one and instantly fell in love it was like mm made a guitar that looked like my first fender guitar i had so many years ago due to some...
  11. A

    Question: cutlass sss toronto area shops?

    having a time locating dealers
  12. dibart77

    NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Days! NYNGD #2020-7

    . Welcome to Day 7 of my annual New Year's New Guitar Days (NYNGD)! Thanks for the kind words and comments on yesterday's #2020-6! It's Christmas Eve. For those of you who celebrate, please make the most of these times with your family -- cherish the time with your loved ones because in these...
  13. K

    NGD - SbMM Axis 30D - Inbound

    Pulled the trigger on a near mint (as described) AX30D in Cherry Burst Quilt. Has original EVH pups. I will add Schaller M6 locking tuners and call it a day. While I have never been a Cherry Burst fan, I'll give it some time to grow on me. This will be my second Sterling with USA...
  14. blackspy

    Gutted today.

    Long time no post. I haven't been on in years, but I couldn't help but think if anywhere/anyone was going to get how I feel today, it'd be the gang here. I bought a used EVH eons ago, and later sold it for school $$$. Sometime thereafter I ended up ordering a trans gold Axis in 2000 (maybe...
  15. roburado

    If you had to sell some guitars, where would you do it these days?

    Hi, folks. I haven't posted here very much in the past several years. I haven't really spent much time playing guitar for the same time period. I haven't spent much time looking at where and how forum members sell their guitars lately. In the past, the for-sale thread was seemingly full of...
  16. Jesus1393

    Majesty glitch

    Hello everyone! I have my Majesty Monarchy 7 for less than month and faced with strange glitch two times... First time I just turned off my volume pot and after that I tried to turn on again, change pickups but there still wasn't a sound. Unplug and plug-in helped me that day. Second time I...
  17. danny-79

    Off Topic: Meet BONGO.

    Complete off topic but meet Bongo :) What a cool name for a dog. He’s the the fifth generation o German Shepard that’s been in my life. Never had a puppy before they have all been rescue dogs in the past, adults that needed a new home for what ever reason. (A bit like my bass collection)...
  18. C

    Sterling Early 2k vs 20teens

    Greetings, long time Stingray enthusiast, first time EBMM Forum poster. I am considering a few different used EBMM Sterling basses. Can someone tell me the main differences between a late 1990's/early 2000's, a 20teens, and a recent 2019 Sterling? I've been looking around and can't seem to...
  19. Smellybum

    My one off HH AL - 10 Years on.... (Yes it's been that long!)

    Hey knuckleheads, - I hope you're all keeping safe and well during these crazy times. Thought I would post this.... This morning I was picking through some paperwork and found my receipt from my one off AL that BP very kindly agreed to build for me, - I am still blown away wit this, and brag...
  20. N

    Stingray 5 repaint

    I have this 2002 EBMM stingray 5h-piezo in black. The problem is, the paint keeps flaking, may be due to the humidity here in the philippines. I would not mind wear and tear from use, but not this type.. it would flake in unlikely places! I have convinced myself that it is time for a repaint...
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