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  1. click track

    Off topic Friday question: Rick Beato

    Would you give away your best EBMM guitar for Rick Beato's hair and 1/3rd of the mathematical and musical understanding he possess? I do not think it is possible for anyone to possess close 100% of all he knows....thats why I posted 1/3
  2. danny-79

    Off Topic: Meet BONGO.

    Complete off topic but meet Bongo :) What a cool name for a dog. He’s the the fifth generation o German Shepard that’s been in my life. Never had a puppy before they have all been rescue dogs in the past, adults that needed a new home for what ever reason. (A bit like my bass collection)...
  3. fogman

    Off Topic: Yup

  4. gurtejsingh

    Off Topic: How to dial in the tone for Barstool Warrior on the Axe FX

    Played on the incredible EBMM JP15. Hope this helps some of my friends here :) Cheers and please do let me know if I got somewhere close!
  5. gurtejsingh

    Off Topic: Joe Satriani tone attempt on the JP15

    Fellow ballers, this one's easily been one of the most difficult tones I've ever tried to dial in (this is a series on my channel). The EBMM JP15 has been incredible in always getting me close, if not 100% there :) Hope I did some justice to it! Your feedback is always welcome! Cheers.
  6. danny-79

    Off Topic: Stage Shots. Show off you EBMM’s in Action

    So following the weekends gig. It was one of them gigs when everything is in your favour. The weather is on your side and so are the crowd. The rest of the band are all on form. It’s one of them gigs that reminds you of what you do it all for kind of gigs. Perfect :D So a band friend of mine...
  7. bradfordws

    Question: Neck Through vs. Bolt On

    Just curious - I don't see any threads on the neck through basses. Has anybody A/B'd a neck through and a bolt on Stingray 4 or 5? I wonder how they're selling compared to the bolt on? I thought bolt on was way more popular. One example I can think of - Tobias used to make only neck through back...
  8. K

    Off Topic: Veterans

    Thank you to all of our Veterans for your service...
  9. mikeller

    Off Topic: In Ear Monitors

    Just curious how many knuckleheads gig with IEM's, and their experiences?
  10. Mordimer

    Question: Where to buy chrome JP knobs?

    Hi guys, Is it possible to buy chrome JP knobs? Recently I've changed pickups in my JP7 to chrome covered ones and wold love to have chrome knobs :] I'm pretty sure I've seen a topic about that here, but can't find it now…
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