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    Help identify this guitar

    Hello everyone..... just joined the forum... just purchased a fixer / upper....can anyone help me identify this guitar ? thanks .
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    Modding my GC

    I use my GC on virtually every gig I play. It’s my all-time favorite guitar, but two things I don’t dig are that it’s not a double cut away and that it’s pretty heavy (especially for 4 hour gigs). I’m thinking of buying another and modding the body thusly: 1. Cut away a section from the upper...
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    Where was pickup selector switch or on 2004 Stingray?

    This one was stripped can’t see any wood fill on upper horn where I assumed pickup selector switch would be. Guy says it’s a 2004 USA.$_59.JPG
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    Question: Sterling by MM JP - Pickups cavity

    Hi everyone, Today I wanted to play a SBMM JP which was in its case for a few months and I discovered something which alerted me. I have posted two pictures: It seems that the neck is "pushing" against the pickup cavity. You can see that the upper edge of the cavity is not straight and...
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