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  1. moleng1

    Battery box noise when touched??

    Wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I bought an EBMM Albert Lee SSS, all seems fine with the guitar so far without opening her up, but I have noticed that when I touch the battery box I get quite a lot of distorted noise, could this be loose wires, bad battery connection? So far I...
  2. R

    Help needed with Bongo 4

    Hi guys, new here. I have some problems with my old Bongo. The guitar had sat in storeage for a few years. I got it out recently and realised (embarrassingly)I had left a pair of 9v in the slots. I replaced the old batteries the other day and fired it up and it “seemed” fine. Went to play it...
  3. S

    Help: Silhouette Special Humbucker Connections

    I snipped the wires of my humbucker on the switch, leaving 4 little bits of colored wire on the switch. I have another DiMarzio pickup to put in. Then I went to strip the little bits of colored outside and the wires pulled off the switch. It has one of those super switches with the 4 poles and...
  4. R

    Musicman Stingray Bass Fret Wires Replacement ------ Fret Size?

    I'm going to replace the fret wires of my Stingray 4 (not a classic) made in 2013. But I cannot find the right gauge in Jescars or Dunlop fret wires. The fret wires on my Stingray is 2.70mm wide and about(due to the worn, cannot measure the accurate height) 1.3mm tall...
  5. S

    Q - Installing new PUPs on a Valentine?

    Hi gang. Looking for some tips. Have the awesome Valentine but want to put my own PUPs (two humbuckers) in as they are custom jobbies. Questions are this... 1) On the Valentine PCB, connecting a new neck humbucker looks simple enough - matching up the wires to the different spots on the PCB...
  6. B

    Help: Swap Sterling pickups JP150. Wiring

    So I am trying to switch the sterling pickups of my JP150 with some dimarzio, liquidfire, crunchy lab but it doesn't seem to be working... The configuration is: 2 Humbuckers 1 Volumen with push/pull active volume boost 1 Tone 3 toggle pickup selector. Before taking the pickups off I wrote down...
  7. S

    Help: SR4 3EQ Fretless Electronics Problem

    I own a 2000 SR4 3EQ fretless; last year my preamp died and the battery holder's wires also got dislodged. I bought a replacement preamp crescent assembly from the factory, and soldered it in, using the same color wires connected to the original. Everything was fine after I soldered all the...
  8. E

    Help: Dummy installing Crunch Lab 7 and LiquiFire 7

    Hello, A happy day has come and I will finally equip my Sterling JP70 with the proper pickups in my quest for Petrucci's Black Clouds & Silver Linings sound. But as much as I'm quite a capable guitar player, I'm not at all a capable guitar user, I have no idea how to change the pickups...
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