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  1. 7broccos

    Bongo Bliss

    Played one of our cities best venues last night, started the night out with I dare say a short scale bass since it was a 3 1/2 hour gig. You know give my old shoulder a break, tough acoustical room and stage. ( mush ). Grabbed the mighty Bongo and wow! Actually had to turn down so thick and...
  2. GWDavis28

    Woah new Luke III Vault Drop!!!

    Saw this and thought wow. Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HSS Gasoline Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HH Gasoline Glenn |B)
  3. B

    LTE 3, the boys are at it again.

    LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT - The Passage Of Time (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube Tony is 74 now? Wow! It's always a pleasure to see these guys play together.
  4. L

    What a rollercoaster - I finally own a JP6

    Firstly guys, apologies for another thread by myself. I am just so happy at the minute. I finally just collected my first JP6. After a lot of thinking about which guitar I wanted or saving some pounds and buying a Sterling, I said to myself today "just go for it!" You only live once. I...
  5. Stingray 4 Nut

    SBMM StingRay Spalted Maple Top Natural Burst Satin

  6. RobertB

    Serious BFR GAS pains

    Quilted top? Flamed roasted neck?? Pearloid block inlays??? This might actually be the most beautiful bass I've ever seen. I've always been reluctant to say that, but not in this case. Wow. Stingray 5 HH | Bass Guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man | Wildwood Guitars
  7. NorM


    I am at a church in Cross Plains TN where last night Flying Colors played an amazing show. Tonight the Steve Morse Band is opening for the Neal Morse Band. I am from TN and have family here. WOW what an amazing event and what a great place and people. I am so thankful I can be part of this.
  8. spychocyco


    I get people will pay more for a guitar with some sort of history, and it's a very nice example, but wow. It's gonna need a little more historic significance than that for me. :eek: I'd be curious to know if there's some rabid EVH fan out there who will pay this. Ernie Ball Music Man EVH 1995...
  9. phillybri

    NGD: Valentine...Friggin' WOW!!!

    Wow...This is a really cool guitar. Incredible array of beautiful tones, soooooooooo comfortable to play and incredibly cool-looking. The flame on the neck goes all the way up through the headstock!!!
  10. beej

    Dregs on Tour

    Wow! Got to catch this somehow. Dixie Dregs Original Line-up Back On Tour – Ernie Ball Music Man
  11. kimonostereo

    NEW BFRs!

    Wow! And more to come! Ball Family Reserve | Ernie Ball Music Man
  12. Gundar

    Put a 250k audio taper pot in my Axis. Wow!

    I know, it may be taboo to some. It really warmed up the overall sound of the pickups and that's just what I was looking for. If your looking for a tone knob on your Axis then this may be what you're looking for.
  13. edhalen

    The GAS is STRONG with this

    Just a work of art. Amazing. Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 Quilt Maple Top - Sahara Burst |
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