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Feb 8, 2021
Hello Everybody ! I bought a used 2017 cutlass guitar and it did not come with any information.I notice that it uses a battery.So I went on the website and it say's the guitar will function with or with out the battery but the silencing circuit will not function.So guess what, I was playing live at my church and the sound died.The sound person eventually had the volume slied all the way up,no sound .I put in a new battery and it works.Help me out please.Thank You.


Jul 8, 2006
Somewhere between Paris and Buffalo
No, the Silhouette Special and Albert Lee guitars will still work with no battery, but the Cutlass has entirely different electronics, including an active buffer circuit that requires the battery.

The good news is that battery will last for well over a hundred hours plugged in, and there is no output drop all the way down below 4 volts. I notice a little distortion on my clean tones or some radio interference with the distortion all he way up but that's all. I have never run a battery so low that the signal has died.

As is the case with any guitar with an on board battery, unplugging when not in use prolongs battery life. (Personally, I frequently forget and change battery just once or twice a year).


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Jan 11, 2007
Central Ohio
I am with DrKev. The accountant in me has me keeping of spreadsheet to track maintenance items like battery changes and I change them once or twice a year (depending on use) and don't take a chance.
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