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Nov 20, 2008
Mexico city
ok how many that are posting an opinion of the bongo have even played it or owned it?

I played a bongo 4 string once...and love it, currently I own a silver Bongo 6. Now I'm playing more on 4 string basses and I'm my plan is to get a Bongo 4 however I don't like the color options right now...I will love to have the option of the Dave Larue Blue bass that he's been playing lately...That will be really cool for me...I'll wait for next year and hope there are new colors (not sparkle ones) if not I will get the stealth black.


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Mar 21, 2021
Hi , i am trying to adjust the harmonics but the 5th string still sounds pitchy when I press it in the fret number 13 and on.

Any solution for this?


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Mar 25, 2018
I have:
The John Myung 6 string Bongo.

The made for GC barolo with roasted neck 5 string Bongo

The BFR 5 string Bongo in cherry

The Caprice

The Cutlass

The 30th Anniv. Stingray 5 (amazing color!!!!!)

The 2007? (Forgot exact year) Stingray Classic.

Of all of my EBMM basses, the Bongos are getting the most play time. The John Myung in particular....man the thin neck....wow.

Close second is the Caprice.

For the original OP question, I would say go with the Bongo. The sound is very unique, very easy to just change it into a completely "different" bass and cuts through sound like a sharp knife.

The reason the Caprice is second....the ultra thin neck and the sound of an "upgraded" Jazz Bass.

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